Eyeliner Made Easy: Benefit they’re Real push-up liner Review!

Life is hard! Your eyeliner shouldn’t be! In my makeup classes, I think the #1 struggle is getting eyeliner on straight. And this eyeliner is going to solve that problem for many women out there. Everyone’s talking about Benefit’s new They’re Real Push Up Liner and came into the market with huge amount of anticipation! It’s the first gel-liner click pen after five years of development. So is Benefit’s They’re Real Push-Up Liner worth the hype and the price tag? Here’s my review:


The pen tip is on an angle so it looks very easy to apply but in actuality like anything new you do need to practice a bit to get it right. I think very thin straight eyeliner is extremely easy with this pen but winged out eyeliner or thicker eyeliner needs a bit of practice. You have to make sure you don’t push up too much of the product otherwise it gets chunky. But any eyeliner application takes practice and this pen is ALOT easier then the traditional liquid eyeliners and brush with gel eyeliners available. Once you get the hang of it yes it does hug your lash line. I’d also recommend it for older ladies who have wrinkles on top of the eye. With pencils its so hard to get the line straight even after stretching the skin. This liner will make your life easier for sure.

The formula is BLACK! Super, deep dark black…which is honestly hard to find with a lot of eyeliners. They either dry charcoal black or grey or anything but deep black, so that is a big huge plus.

The staying power of the eyeliner is phenomenal, it lasts through work, sweat, even sleep! Its extremely long wearing and doesn’t fade. To remove use a good cleanse off oil or eye makeup remover.


Product Highlights

– Intense BLACK Color

– Waterproof

– Matte

-Pen Design

– Glides on super smooth

– Doesn’t Flake or Smudge


Bottom Line

Really great product, I love it. If you struggle with your eyeliner and are looking for a solution this product is worth the hype and the price. It has a lot of great, well thought out features which would make this a staple in my makeup kit. Another reason why I love Benefit products so much – they think outside the box. xx

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Nilo Haq
Tagged as one of the five women to have shaped the beauty industry in the Middle East, Nilo is a pro makeup artist with stints at MAC Cosmetics, Toni&Guy, & Alexander Zouari Paris. Nilo Haq is the founder of iGlow Studios, Snobby Face lashes and creator of the first ever Online Makeup Course made for South Asian women. Nilo is now based in Toronto and is a sought-after bridal makeup artist who runs makeup workshops across three continents.

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