Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette Review!

Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes have never disappointed me. They just keep getting better and better. From the original Naked Palette, Urban Decay has created so many beautiful eyeshadow palettes to choose from with each one being more eye catching to the next. Urban Decay eyeshadow are all excellent quality, pigmented and smooth. I recently picked up the much talked about Urban Decay Vice 3 palette, which is my first from the Vice range and it is fabulous.


There are 20 buttery limited edition exclusive shades in the Vice 3 palette. They are broken down into columns that have matte shades, cool shades, rich shades, warm shades and neutrals. The payoff of the shadows is excellent, they come on smooth and rich and blend well. The matte shades are not 100% matte (which I think would have really been a cherry on top for this palette) they have a tiny shimmer to them. Truth, which is the first vanilla shade matte color is a bit powdery but the other shades are fine.




What drew me to this palette is the shades, they are beautiful and vibrant. Most importantly tho the shades are very unique (hard to find drugstore dupes for these). My favorite color from the palette is Bondage, it’s an awesome color for bridals. For me this palette is not an everyday palette, it’s good for makeup artists or for evening and event makeup.

The packaging is pretty cool and sleek but I didn’t like the quality. Tho it looks great, it doesn’t feel luxurious. I try to be extra careful with it when I’m carrying it in my kit because I don’t want the shadows to break (one has kinda cracked in the corner already :( ). I think a stronger sturdy case would have been a better option for this palette. I also wish it had a magnetic closure. It does have a nice full-sized mirror on top and comes with a dual-ended synthetic eyeshadow brush and a pouch to keep your brushes.




I’m really happy with my purchase, as I have tons of eye-shadows I still felt I needed these colors in my kit. It’s limited edition so do pick it up if you like it. Online it sells for $60 I purchased mine for 350sr from an instagram makeup re-seller.

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Nilo Haq
Tagged as one of the five women to have shaped the beauty industry in the Middle East, Nilo is a pro makeup artist with stints at MAC Cosmetics, Toni&Guy, & Alexander Zouari Paris. Nilo Haq is the founder of iGlow Studios, Snobby Face lashes and creator of the first ever Online Makeup Course made for South Asian women. Nilo is now based in Toronto and is a sought-after bridal makeup artist who runs makeup workshops across three continents.

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