Top 5 L’Oreal Must Have Makeup Products!

L'OREAL top 5 products

L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes

With a decent sized rubber brush, this mascara lengthens, volumizes and separates the lashes like no other! There’s a reason this has been a fan favorite since years. I love how this can be used sparingly during the day time for a naturally defined look or layered up for night time drama with minimal clumping! There are just soo many mascaras from L’Oreal that are amazing, like the Miss Manga, inspired by Japanese anime characters doll eyed look, but this is one that I keep coming back to! This one comes in a variety of shades from black to blackest-black and black-brown. You’re bound to find one that you like!

Price in PKR -2000


L’Oreal True Match Lumi Foundation

I suffer from dull skin, thanks to me rarely drinking water, and this basically does for your skin what having 8 glasses of water will do haha! It’s application brings a natural glow that does not have any sort of obvious glitter or sparkle, making you look well rested and hydrated! When it comes to coverage, the Lumi does a decent job of covering up any redness around the nose and chin area upon the first layer of application but it is a very build-able foundation, so if you want full coverage, you will get that with this! I was a firm favorite of the original L’Oreal True Match foundation but I like this ‘Lumi’ addition so much more!

Price in PKR -2700


L’Oreal Glossy Shine Stain

Now this is a product that I was dying to try out when it was first launched. These Glossy Shine Stains were said by be an exact dupe of YSL’s Glossy Stains and given that one was $25+ and the other $8, I had to have some! On first impression, I did not like these that much, or get the hype at all but now that I know exactly how to apply them, I love them. This product is basically a hybrid between a gloss and a lip stain, so you get the texture of a gloss (almost jelly-like) but the staying power of a stain. The best way to apply these is to put a layer, wait for it to dry completely then add another one and so on until you reach the opaque-ness you want! Amazing bargain product! While I haven’t tried the YSL version, most bloggers believe these are almost exact dupes and given that L’Oreal owns YSL, I’d say grabbing a couple of these is a wise decision!

Price in PKR -1700


L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow

Long lasting vibrant eyeshadow that come in a pressed pigment form! What you get with these infallible eye shadows is the brilliant color pay of of loose pigment, but the convenience of a pressed eye shadow! Definitely a merger of the best of both worlds! These eye shadows come in a wide range of finishes, matte, shimmer etc so you’re bound to find something to like and the fact that the color intensity lasts for a good 7-8 hours without primer coupled with the fact that these blend like a dream, makes you want to hoard them all!

Price in PKR – 1100


L’Oreal Pure Red Lipstick Collection

You might have seen/heard about these lipsticks by now! The grand launch by Lotus PR ensured that everyone in the beauty world heard about the stunning array of ‘red’ lipsticks that was launched in collaboration with L’Oreal spokespersons around the world. Whether you want to rock Frieda Pinto’s bright pink version or Blake Lively’s true red, there is something for everyone in this collection! My personal favorite is Eva’s version which is a lovely merge between red and orange tones, very flattering for our desi skin tones! These lipsticks are matte, but they glide on smoothly given that you’ve prepped your lips beforehand and last decently throughout a meal, leaving behind a lovely stain 🙂

Price in PKR – 1800


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