Desi Girls Guide to MAC’s Best False Lashes

Don’t let false lashes scare you, because wearing them holds many benefits.  They make your lashes look longer, thicker and fuller, emphasizing on your eyes and making them feminine and more attractive. No evening eye makeup look is complete without a pair of falsies.   

What’s great about MAC lashes is that they are handmade to exact specifications.  Each pattern and design is perfectly arranged to give a striking effect – whether the look is natural or dramatic.

Desi girls like natural looking drama – so here is a list of MAC lashes which any Desi girls would love.


#7 Lash

These are my all time favorite lashes for a number of reasons.  They are spaced out to allow your natural lashes to come through – which makes the fake lashes appear less obvious.  You can literally wear these day or night for a little bit of added glamor.


#20 Half Lash

I’m a big fan of “half lashes” as it creates a bit of density at the end of the lash without looking over the top.  My go to lashes for beauty shoots and party makeup.


#34 Lash

Looking for those dramatically long and wispy lashes? #34 is perfect!  With the added winged-corner these lashes are great for a night out on the town or for a special occasion.


#36 Lash

Tho #36 looks similar to #34 don’t be fooled these set of lashes are spaced out which allow your natural lashes to come through.  #36 is ideal for that naturally dramatic eye look.

Don’t forget to Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler and use the best glue on the market to ensure your lashes stay on all night.

Try MAC’s Eyelash curler and Duo Adhesive Glue

Lastly, remember, if you take care of the lashes – you can always use them again!




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Nilo Haq
Tagged as one of the five women to have shaped the beauty industry in the Middle East, Nilo is a pro makeup artist with stints at MAC Cosmetics, Toni&Guy, & Alexander Zouari Paris. Nilo Haq is the founder of iGlow Studios, Snobby Face lashes and creator of the first ever Online Makeup Course made for South Asian women. Nilo is now based in Toronto and is a sought-after bridal makeup artist who runs makeup workshops across three continents.

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