9 Essential Makeup Brushes from MAC!

 How can an artist paint a perfect painting without the right tools?  Its simple, if you want to have perfect makeup you need the right brushes.  Brushes are an investment; so don’t turn away by looking at the prices. With a little care, good brushes will be by your side for years to come and will ensure your makeup looks beautiful.  

Here is a guide to 9 Essential MAC makeup brushes for the face, eyes and lips.


1.    #150 Large Powder Brush

Full and dense, this brush is ideal for dusting on powder onto your face or body.  You can also use this brush when you’ve applied too much blush to gently reduce it’s intensity.

2.  #129SH Blush Brush

Many people think they can get away with just using any brush to apply blush.  The results: looks like someone punched you.

The fibers of this brush are soft and collectively form a full, rounded shape. This leads to perfection – not only because of its shape, but also because of how evenly it picks up color and distributes it along your cheek bones.

3.     #190 Foundation Brush

For an even application of your foundation opt, for a pro quality foundation brush like #190.  This brush is designed to create a flawlessly smooth and even finish.

4.  #195 Concealer Brush

Everyone has something or another to conceal on her face. This flexible flat brush with a slightly pointed tip allows for precise application and blending of concealer.


5.  #239 MAC Eyeshader Brush

Soft and dense, this brush is perfect for applying color.  The brush has a tapered, rounded edge with smooth, firm fibers which really help to pick up color, especially when you want to focus on intensity.  The best eyeshadow brush ever!!!

6.  #266 Small Angle Brush

A multi purpose brush designed for precise lines.  This brush has fibers, which are carefully arranged to form a perfect angle.  Use it to define your eyes with eyeliner, in your brows to add shape and color and for those hard to reach places where you want to add some shine.

7.  #217 Blending Brush

Ever wonder how Arabic eye makeup looks so blended?  Well this brush is the key.  The bristles of this brush are shaped in a dome, which is great for blending color into the crease.  If I was to only recommend one brush for you to buy it would be this one.  A must have!

8.  #252 Large Shader Brush

This brush is soft but firm and great for shading the eyelid with color, or under your brow bone for the perfect amount of product to help create shine.


9.  #311 Lip Brush 

This lip brush gives you a thin, even application of lipstick that lasts way longer than applying it from a tube.  Use this ultra-firm synthetic brush to contour lips, before filling them in with color.  What’s particularly great about this brush is that it retracts into its own MAC casing; so, no mess!




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