New Dior Rouge Brilliant Review and Swatches

Dior does glosses really well, I’ve loved Dior Addict glosses for sometime. They recently launched a new lip-gloss called Dior Rouge Brilliant, and I just knew it would be awesome. I just love the concept behind the gloss. It’s a lip balm gloss and is formulated like a liquid lip balm with a custom creation of 3 lip care oils and a “complex that teams vitamin E with an active ingredient known for reactivating collagen synthesis”.

It has a very interesting indented doe tip applicator which holds a little amount of gloss so you get a more even and better application with just 1 swipe. The gloss feels so good on the lips that you won’t even believe it’s a lip gloss! Additionally, it gives a nice amount of color with shine.


I’ve only tried shade #999, which is very pigmented. I’ve read that the deeper colors are medium to high pigmentation but the lighter/shimmery shades are sheer. If you want to achieve a full opaque look like Natalie Portman, you would need to layer a lipstick underneath.



The only downside to the glosses (which is expected with any gloss) is the longevity. The texture is thin which feels great on the lips but doesn’t last as long as thicker lip glosses do. I go for comfort over longevity anyway, just keep it in your purse ;).


Dior Rouge Brilliant comes in 12 gorgeous colors which are permanent in the Dior Collection.

Great job Dior!

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