Mastering the Application of Strong Pigments

The perfect eye color
If you feel your makeup is always looking pale no matter how strong of a color you apply this post is for you. Try these makeup tricks to help you keep the color strong.
Normally powder colors have less pigments and run away after you blend them. It’s easy to use or mix them with pearly shades as it adds a glow to the look. Try to choose pearly shades close to peach and away from blue or purple to add warmth to your makeup look. It doesn’t have to be shimmery or too sparkly for day-to-day but a nice natural shade for everyday makeup is enough.
Always try to apply a creamy base before you apply your eyeshadow. It can be anything from your foundation, primer or a creamy eyeshadow and then top it up with your powder eyeshadow. This will allow your eye shade to stay longer and hold better.
If you can’t get the color you want or if the color is not coming on bold enough on the eyes, apply a thin layer of black either creamy or water based over your eye lid and then apply the desired color on top – pink, blue, copper, gold or any color. Since the base is darker then your skin your eye shade will come out stronger. It’s a great trick to make your eyeshadow more intense. Then blend it as needed. Don’t forget to finish off the look with my personal favorite: black edges and liner.



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Saima Bargfrede
A Global Hair and Makeup Artist, Saima Bargfrede has mastered her skills from beauty shoots to movies from the US, Africa, Pakistan, India, and is currently making Europe her very own canvas to beautify. A former TV Hostess and Model, her decades of worldwide training and experience makes her our Beauty Guru in every way!

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