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Did You Know That Science Supports The Fact That Lips Amp Up Your X-Factor? —According to a 2010 study from Manchester University, a woman’s lips are the most attractive part of her body, especially if her pout is hued crimson red. Scientists unraveled through a statistical analysis that in the ten seconds after meeting a lady for the first time, the average chap spends seven seconds gazing at her mouth. In comparison, men spent just 0.95 seconds looking at her eyes and 0.85 seconds gazing at her hair.

I was in Paris last few days, attending the IMCAS dermatology/plastic surgery meetings and during multiple lip rejuvenation and augmentation sessions the importance of lips being at the center stage of beauty was reiterated over and over again. Angelina Jolie, Scarlet Johansson, Cheryl Cole and Jessica Alba have been the reigning lip queens thanks to our media and tabloids driven fascination with feminine beauty. During my workshops and meetings I was pleasantly surprised to find Katrina Kaif’s name and lips pop-up very frequently on aesthetic reference slides, as now its Ms. Kaif who is being recognized as the beauty du jour with most enviable set of sensual lips (Desi Beauty High Five!). In my opinion Katrina always had gorgeous set of lips, but since she added a touch of hyaluronic acid to emphasize her pout, her lips have become the talk of the aesthetic town. Returning back home feeling inspired and magnanimous I want every girl to attain a perfect pout (if she desires so).

Before we embark on our quest for the perfect pout we need to know what makes lips beautiful and sensual? — Fact is beautiful lips come in all different sizes and shapes — Bigger are not necessarily better. Technically speaking beautiful healthy lips should be smooth and supple with very few lines or wrinkles and right volume at the right places. They should always have a healthy natural color, regardless of a person’s age.

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News Flash — Trout pout and over emphasized lips dominating your facial features are not considered desirable by any standard.

Many A Slip ‘Twixt The Cup & The Lip On You Way To A Perfect Pout

Even if you’re blessed and born with perfect lips, the aging process and our lifestyle choices result in constant wear and tear of the delicate lip area, which translates into dehydration, and loss of collagen/elastin thus making the lips appear wrinkled, shriveled and shrunken over time.

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Natural aging does play a significant part in the thinning of the lips as well as formation of lines and wrinkles, but so do sun damage and cigarette smoke. Let’s dig deeper.


  • Aging is one significant cause of deepening lines and thinning lips due to loss of lip volume with time. As you get older, your skin loses collagen and elastin; the components of skin that give it a full and smooth appearance. In addition, facial fat, which accounts for some of your lips plumpness, is lost naturally with age. Lips deflate and lines, become more and more visible as all these components are lost over time.
  • People who smoke cigarettes tend to see lip lines develop sooner and more noticeably than non-smokers do. When you add in the fact that smoking has a drying effect on skin and is known to accelerate the formation of wrinkles and loss of skin tone, it’s clear that smoking is a major factor in the formation of lip lines.


Products Sparking Controversy On Everyone’s Lips


Most lip products (lipsticks, chap-sticks) contain wax or wax derivatives, which hold or bind the formulation together. Women have been conditioned to believe anything creamy is also moisturizing, but in case of lip products, nothing could be further from the truth. When lip products that contain wax, wax derivatives, and petroleum-by products (all recognized for their ability to repel moisture) are regularly applied to the lip surface over extended periods of time, the lips’ innate ability to keep its tissues hydrated naturally, is compromised, and eventually ceases to function at all. Over time, this prolonged state of dehydration results in the loss of lip volume, vertical lines on the lip surface the onset of lines along the upper and lower lip lines.

Aside from giving up smoking and stop using wrong lip products, it sounds like there’s little you can do to avoid lip lines. There are several things you can do to erase them, however.


Fillers for Lips

One way to rejuvenate lips is to replace some of the volume that has been lost from lips over time. Dermal fillers can be injected into lips to make them look fuller and softer. Hollywood stars have been relaying on lip fillers to extenuate their sexy pouts for years, in aging lips the goal is to replace what Mother Nature gave you and Father Aging took away.

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Hyaluronic acid (HA) is one of the most popular dermal filler that is used to replace the lost lip volume and it also helps in tightening and smoothing the skin. There are several popular lip fillers available in the market, that contain different concentrations of HA which can plump up your pucker for 3-6 months. My favorites HA products are TEOSYL KISS, JUVÉDERM® VOLBELLA® and FORTALIS.

Another option to rejuvenate lips is to have fat injected into your lips to reduce lip lines. Fat can be harvested from one part of your body (such as the stomach) extracted, treated and re-injected. This can reduce the appearance of lip lines and it can give your face a fuller, more youthful look overall. My only reservation while doing fat injections in lip is the slight possibility of developing lumping or scarring; which doesn’t happen always but a low percentile chance is always there.


No Needle Lip Amplification — AminoGenesis™ “Lips To Love”

If injection-type fillers don’t sound like a friendly choice, there are other non-injectable options available in the market too. AminoGenesis™ “Lips to Love” is one such natural non-invasive lip augmentation choice that is very popular in my practice. It offers to restore and augment lips at the same time. Why My Patients Love “Lips to Love” — Simple reasons: It increases lip volume instantly (filler like effect with no needles involved), the results are very natural looking. It also hydrates and softens lips as it plumps them up, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It also provides lips with the vital amino acids, which help to rebuild and restructure the skin collagen and elastin fibers lost with aging. It also helps restore natural lip color due to skin healing properties of amino acids. It works wonderfully with every single application, there are no side effects, the formula is Paraben free, and it comes with the guarantee of no animal testing. A perfect pout and skin conditioner at a fraction of filler price!

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How Does It Work? The miraculous oligopeptide formula present in “Lips To Love” penetrates into the delicate skin of lips instantly, increasing volume while deeply hydrating lips for a plumper, sexier pout that lasts all day long! It comes with a unique 3-speed vibrating applicator wand; which helps to increase the lip circulation and product penetration for maximum results.

Ladies it’s an established fact that lips take center stage in the physical beauty of our visage and so the question is — Which option you want to choose to tweak and maintain your pucker’s pizzaz? With all these choices available in the market it doesn’t matter how old you are or what shape your lips are in, your kissers can be rejuvenated and plumped up to look more juicy and sensual with a little help from the modern medicine. Pick wisely and don’t forget to smile!



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