Beauty Essentials NOT To Touch When in a Rush!

So you hit the snooze button and let your eyes shut for five minutes, which actually became twenty five minutes, leaving you with hardly any time to get ready. Facing the horror in the mirror, your eyes are puffy, your lips dry and your skin oily!

How will you get ready now?

Read our list of things you should NOT reach out for when in a time crunch…


  • Liquid Eyeliner Liquid Eyeliner can easily smudge or get crooked if you are in a rush. Better to go for eye kohl instead.


  • Dark Eye shadowsWhile applying dark eye shadow it can easily fall under your eye especially when you’re in a rush resulting in a raccoon eye look. Go for neutral shades instead.


  • False EyelashesApplying false eyelashes takes precision and requires a ton of tools. Better to skip it and go for a couple of coats of volumnizing mascara instead.


  • Lip LinerLining your lips in a rush can easily look uneven.


  • PluckingIt takes time for the redness to go down after plucking. Definitely not a good idea to try it when you’re in a rush.

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Nilo Haq
Tagged as one of the five women to have shaped the beauty industry in the Middle East, Nilo is a pro makeup artist with stints at MAC Cosmetics, Toni&Guy, & Alexander Zouari Paris. Nilo Haq is the founder of iGlow Studios, Snobby Face lashes and creator of the first ever Online Makeup Course made for South Asian women. Nilo is now based in Toronto and is a sought-after bridal makeup artist who runs makeup workshops across three continents.

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