Makeup 101: Playing with Textures

Makeup with textures

The whole fun of make up starts when we talk about playing with textures. There are different types of textures:

1. Cream
2. Pearl
3. Matte or Powder
4. Shimmery or Pearl

There use depends a lot on the type, color and condition of skin. If you have acne prone skin you must steer clear of shimmer or gloss as it will only enhance the acne. It’s best to keep it matte to work with your skin, it will cover your flaws and makeup will stay longer. If you love shine, it’s okay to use pearl and shimmer on the eyes or lips.


If you have dry skin avoid powder or matte textures as it will give your makeup a dehydrated look and will not allow your skin to glow. So less or no powder is the key and use lots of luster drops in your foundation. Also give your face a fresh coat of moisturizer before putting foundation.


Textures are normally used to give your makeup a certain look. It’s important to keep the right balance that works with your skin type and the look you are trying to achieve

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Saima Bargfrede
A Global Hair and Makeup Artist, Saima Bargfrede has mastered her skills from beauty shoots to movies from the US, Africa, Pakistan, India, and is currently making Europe her very own canvas to beautify. A former TV Hostess and Model, her decades of worldwide training and experience makes her our Beauty Guru in every way!

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