Luscious Cosmetics BOLD Intense Eye Liner Pencils!

My go-to, never changing look is a simple liquid liner flick on my eye lids accompanied with kohl/pencil on the lower lash line. I have a habit of changing the kohl with colored pencil, leaving it bare etc, but never my liquid liner, it’s a staple and personally I love the neatness that liquid liner brings. So how did these re-introduced BOLD Intense Eye Liner Pencils by Luscious Cosmetics fare?

Being smudge-proof and transfer resistant is the biggest claims these pencils make, do they live upto them? I’d say majority, not all. Like with all collections, there are some that perform really well, but some performances left a bit more to be desired.When I first got these pencil, I quickly got swatchin and loved how they looked on my hands, vibrant and very smooth. Not only were they well pigmented, they lasted a long, long time as well. I didn’t wipe the swatches off and got around to my business during the day, eating, cleaning up the dishes and general work, and guess what? After about 6-8 hours, I checked on the swatches, and while the intensity and ‘shimmer’ had dulled down a bit, they were not a mess at all! They didn’t smudge or budge so kudos for that! Also the packaging is super sleek, it’s matte and lovely to touch!
Trouble starts with a few of those when it comes to how they fare on your eyes. Some are absolutely amazing, while a few were disappointing. The color I was most looking forward to was Peacock, which is a vibrant green. I always love wearing green on my lower lash line since it really helps bring out the warmth in brown eyes, but sadly, this did not fare very well on my eyes. The color just wouldn’t get as intense as I would like and same was the case with Amethyst. Also, comparing it with Metallic Purple 13, which was the same shade with the old formulation, that one is much more vibrant than this and has been a re-purchase for me.
Now on to the good part, the rest of them – I LOVE! Electric Blue is what I’ve been wearing on my lower lash-line since I got these, it stays put for ages and barely loses it’s intensity after an entire long day at university! Definitely gets a double thumbs up for me. Another shade which really surprise me, is Cocoa! I’ve never been a fan of brown-ish eye pencils, but this has me converted! Love the way this roughly applied on the lower lash-line looks like instant smokey eyes that are day time appropriate! Definitely my second favorite out of the bunch. Copper is another color that is similar, just a tag bit lighter, and I use it for the same purpose – smoke up the lash line a bit without the use of a traditional black pencil!


Shades L-R : Rockstar, Peacock, Electric Blue, Amethyst, Moonlight, Copper, Glitz, Cocoa.
To summarize this post, I’d say go run out and get your hands on Electric Blue, Cocoa and Copper! The ones you don’t need are sadly, Peacock and Amethyst! Other than that, these pencils, regardless of the shade are super smudge and budge proof.
Price – PKR 395 each


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