How to Use New Max Factor CC Colour Corrector Sticks

CC have been the letters for 2014. Lots of new CC products have been everywhere this year. There is still a lot of confusion around CC products, why we need them and how to use them! CC creams are a lighter form of BB Creams but are designed to even out the complexion. Desi skin have the issue of hyper and hypo pigmentation so colour correcting is a MUST for us. These CC sticks neutralize colours in the skin that we generally try to cover up with foundations and concealers. They help to neutralize dark spots, dull skin, redness and under eye circles. Your skin can change over night and sometimes makeup doesn’t look the same everyday. This is when CC (colour correcting) products help counteract those tones by providing shades of color to rebalance the skintone.



Product Highlights

  • Affordable
  • Chunky Stick Design is fun & easy to use
  • No Need for a sharpener – twists up!
  • Simple to use with clear labels
  • Easy to store & carry – Pen Shape fits anywhere
  • Precision crayon shape makes it easy to work on specific areas of the skin
  • Pigmented, smooth and soft formula






There are 5 colours within the collection. Each designed for it’s own purpose – Here is a breakdown:


If you suffer from red spots, redness under the eyes or areas on the face GREEN is the colour for you. Green pigments neutralizes red. Apply the green stick on red areas, blend with your finger and apply your concealer on top!

Dark Under Eye Circles

My favorite one was this peach stick. This peach stick works wonders to cover even the darkest of under eye circles most desi girls deal with. Use it over foundation on top of dark circles and touch up with a bit of concealer on top. A little goes a long way and really helps to avoid that grey under eye look.


Dullness is a huge issue South Asian complain about. Brighten up your complexion with some lilac. Apply around the eyes to immediately lift up and freshen the skin.

Dark Spots

This pink shade helps to lighten dark areas on the face under foundation or dark spots on top of foundation but under concealer.


The highlighting stick was my least favorite from the bunch. It’s good for a very soft natural touch of light to the skin. For me I like stronger highlights.



I love how Max Factor has taken professional colour correcting and made it simple, easy and affordable for any woman to use. At a drugstore price but no compromise on quality these are an awesome alternative to other high-end CC products.

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Nilo Haq
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