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Veronica Beard Spring 2015

Inspired by 1960’s Hollywood glamour, Veronica Beard’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection brings to life an era of decadent parties, indulgent cocktails and new-world glitz. To compliment her playful surroundings, the Veronica Beard girl has a youthful, doll-like glow. Flawless skin, pink swept cheeks and light pink lips are the perfect canvas for her silver lined disco eyes. She is a free spirit living a charmed life.


VB- Model 1

Skin: Hydrating Face Cream, Skin Foundation Stick
Eyes: Silver Glitter Liquid Eye Liner, Smokey Eye Mascara
Cheeks: Pink Retouching Powder
Lips: Pink Buff Sheer Lip Color

Tibi Spring 2014

The Tibi Spring 2015 collection represents how nature can be articulated into the art of modern dressing. Fusing handcrafted traditions from Japan to Peru, the clothing features an array of textures of quilting, embroidery and pleating, in a neutral color palette with shades ranging from a base of earth tones in stone greys, whites and sand with a touch of watery blue, fire oranges and dark green. The makeup look is a beautiful complement to the collection. Monochromatic in color, it replicates windswept flushed cheeks, bitten lips and highlights eyes with warm neutral shades.

Tibi Face Chart

Tibi 1

Skin: Hydrating Eye Cream, Hydrating Face Cream
Face: Creamy Concealer, Corrector, Skin Foundation Stick, Sheer Finish Pressed Powder
Eyes: Bone Eye Shadow; Taupe Long Wear Cream Shadow
Cheeks: Retouching Powder in Rose
Lips: Creamy Matte Lip Color in Heather Mauve

Misha Nonoo Spring 2015

Misha Nonoo’s Spring 2015 collection is a combination of contemporary art and fashion as seen through the collaboration with artist Dustin Yellin. Contrasting textures and mixed materials suspended between layers of glass in Yellin’s work translate into three-dimensional details in the line – think external pockets and oversized ties knotted in place. The collection was complimented by fresh, clean skin, pastel pink cheeks, subtle nude eyes and a soft lilac lip.

Misha Nonoo Face chart MN-6

Skin: Hydrating Face Cream
Face: Creamy Concealer, Corrector, Skin Foundation Stick
Eyes: Long-Wear Eye Base, Hot Nudes Eye Palette (Hot Collection, Spring 2015), Everything Mascara
Cheeks: Pink Retouching Powder
Lips: Lilac Pink Sheer Lip Color & Blushed Pink Sheer Lip Color (Spring 2015)

Elie Tahari Spring 2015

With nothing but blue ocean in sight, Elie Tahari’s Spring 2015 collection is inspired by a shipwrecked bohemian. Tattered linens and distressed leathers give way to soft but casually elegant silhouettes. To complement the collection, the makeup is fresh faced and bronzed. Skin is sun-kissed with a pop of sheer pink, eyes are sand swept with a neat smudge of caviar and lips are left perfectly natural.

Elie Tahari Face chart

ET- 1

Face: Hydrating Face Cream, Skin Foundation Stick

Eyes: Shimmering Sands Eye Palette (Sand Collection, Spring 2015), Caviar Ink Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner, Rich Brown Eye Shadow, Smokey Eye Mascara

Cheeks: Joe Brown All Over Bronzing Powder, Pink Retouching Powder

Lips: Lip Balm


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