Cooking Up the Right Foundation Shade

Foundation shade making

It’s a common issue for South Asians to find a suitable foundation color that would suit their skin! Here is a guide to help you ladies to think outside the box when it comes to your foundation color. Think of foundations like cooking, you know your spices and you create different flavors – it’s the same with foundation.

What you Need

  • 2 shades lighter then your skin foundation
  • 2 shades darker then your skin foundation
  • concealer palette (a palette that has several shades of concealer and color correcting colors like MAC or Derma Colors by Kryolan)
  • Primer to help your skin breath if your skin is too dry or oily
  • Foundation Applicator – Sponge, brush or fingers (its all same)


Country and climate all play a role in how your skin behaves and reacts to foundation – with this in consideration choose a brand and type of foundation that is suitable. It’s best to avoid ready made foundation colors because it will never give you the right color.



1) Apply a cream and/or primer. If your skin is oily apply a matte primer – I recommend Smash Box. For dry skin use any primer.

2) Start by applying your lightest liquid foundation shade in the areas which are light as well apply some orange or yellow concealer under they eyes or where you need more coverage.

3) Like cooking fooddo not use the same amount of spices – it’s always more or less. Pay attention to your skin, the days your skin needs less coverage apply less foundation. The days you are tired or having a bad skin day apply more foundation to achieve the right coverage. For tired and dull skin you need more orange or yellow in your foundation to cover the grey/dull look of the skin.




It’s important to mix your foundation as to just choosing one color to help the color be as close to the real skin color as possible. Skin is always changing it’s shades so by keeping lighter and darker colors help to work around that day to create the right shade.



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