Why you Aren’t Loosing Weight

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1. Your Commitment

You really REALLY want to loose weight, but the social obligations, kids, work and just life in general is getting in the way! Well… this desire to loose weight is only a wish and not really a commitment. You see, just as we commit to going to work, brushing our teeth and raising children, health and fitness require the same dedication and commitment as anything else. You really have to prioritize health and raise the priority on this.

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2. Hydration

This may seem tedious and boring, but the fact is, if you are not adequately hydrated, you are not going to loose weight. Hydration is one of the key elements for digestion and overall energy. In addition, most times when you feel hungry, you are in fact dehydrated. Hydration is necessary year round, not just in the summer!

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3. Sleep

Sleep deprivation is a huge part of recovery and without recovery, your muscles will not grow, which means your lean look is further and further away. You see, muscle burns an extra 5 calories a lb at rest, and when you are tired and exhausted, your body is compensating using all the energy it can to keep you going. Rest will help you not only recover faster from your workouts, but provide you adequate energy to keep going during the day.


4. Planning vs Over Indulging

Health is a lifestyle. I don’t believe in temporary diets, because its an on-going process. I believe in eating healthy 90% of the time and indulging 10%, usually at social settings. But beware of social gatherings taking over your life! If you have more than 1 social gathering a week, then be sure to plan your meals ahead of time so your chances of indulging are minimized.



I am a creature of habit, and habits can either be bad or be good. Breaking bad habits is very tough and it takes commitment to create a routine of good habits. Just like showering, brushing your teeth and wearing fresh socks! You would not compromise those habits so why compromise the one thing that is keeping you alive? Your body! Create healthy habits and break bad ones. Get a partner to keep you committed and honest and write things down. Award yourself a night off once in a while to relax and rejuvenate. Once you create good habits, you wont steer towards the bad habits because you will feel so great about your accomplishments.


Overall, its an on-going process. As humans, we are always re-inventing ourselves and that includes our habits, routines and lifestyle. You can change at any age, regardless of your circumstance. You just have to WANT it!


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