Highlighters to Make Your Skin Glow!

Before You Begin…

You see it everywhere – women want that “Glow”.  To get that coveted glowing skin read our list of top 4 favorite highlighters that will guaranteed make your skin glow.

It’s important to know that highlighters come in different formulas – powders, creams and sticks.  Each give a different look and work with different skin types better then others.  It’s also important to find a highlighter that suits your specific skin tone and that it looks ultra natural.  Generally golden nude and soft pink hues offer a universal flattering glow.  Simple swipe your highlighter as one of the last steps of your makeup application on the high parts of your face like the top of your cheekbones, brow bone, bridge of your nose and inner corner of your eyes (if you like) and then blend.  It’s that simple.

Choosing Your Highlighter


Fair Skin – Pinkish Tone

Medium Skin – Champagne Tone

Dark Skin – Bronzy Tone


Powder Highlighters – Can be used on all skin-types

Cream & Stick Highlighters are preferred to use on normal to dry skin.  If your skin is oily or t-zone oily best to stick with a powder highlighter over a cream highlighter to avoid looking overly shiny.

The Key to Highlighting

Highlighting draws attention to that specific area,  don’t put highlighters on any uneven textures of skin, large pores or pimples (you don’t want to enhance those areas!)   

Recommended Highlighters:

 1.  MAC Soft & Gentle

You’ll see this product recommended everywhere – it’s one of the best highlighters available.  Mac’s Soft & Gentle is a mineralized powder highlight which works well on all skin types.  I love mineralized powders as they sit really close to the skin and don’t make you feel like you have anything on.  It’s a nude champagne color which would work well on light to medium skin tones   I love using this one on brides, party makeup, photo shoots and even on myself 🙂


2.  Benefits Watts Up!


I’ve been using and recommending this highlighter since it launched – Love this stuff! Its a creamy natural looking highlighter which I find works very well on normal to dry skintones.  The color is just perfect as its almost not even there – just offers shine.  It also has a great “stay put” formula that really does last for hours.

3.  NARS – Copacabana

This easy to use luminizing stick is such an awesome highlighter I had to include it on my list even tho its not avilable in KSA ( boo 🙁 ) I simple dot it along the cheekbones  brow bone and sometimes even on the collar bones for a stunning glowy affect.  You can literally use this anywhere on your face or body.

4.  Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer

Looking for a softer highlight? This liquid highlighter can be mixed into your foundation and applied all over your face or dot it on your cheekbones and nose after your done your makeup for a naturally pretty glow.  Comes in a variety of shades to suit any skin tone


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