Hard Talk: Hadiqa Kiani On Life & Realization

Yes, heres my first blog! I’ve been thinking about putting words to my thoughts for a while now and finally today I sat down and thought to myself why waste more time?

If these thoughts seem a little scattered, I’m sorry but, I’d rather not edit this flow.

The path of life has many twists and turns, sometimes it can be very interesting and other times…boring as hell. However, one must stay conscious of the choices we make on this journey; one must be aware. Everyday we have to try and learn a different philosophy, try and better understand the patterns of the people around us and our surroundings. To be honest, I only care about and respect the people who respect me, their words, their gestures, and their presence truly affects me. If I, or anyone else, starts to think about the whole world, Oh God, it would tear us apart.


This world can be a cruel place, especially when you have lived your life in the limelight. People take you as a commercial commodity, they poke into your life, make fun of you while not only exaggerating but cooking up stories to feed their sick minds and then expect you to respond as if you are bound to them.

My true self says, there is no need to satisfy the world but instead, to be true to yourself and your heart (as cheesy as that sounds). You should not and cannot surrender your true self to the world or to the thoughts in your mind that tell you these things. You must balance your heart and your mind, only then can you find genuine peace to face the world with stability.


With my son Naaday Ali <3

This is sincerely the best realization you can have, once you are aware of this balance you can authentically value the moments you are spending in this life. Most importantly, without finding this internal peace you will be lost.


Honored to have received a Dynamic Woman Award at the 4th Annual International Women’s Awards 

Just remember to keep a positive approach in life, don’t lie to yourself and don’t occupy your mind with useless thoughts of the world. When you get your mind caught up with the world then you forget what really matters, which is yourself. Explore yourself, go in different directions and find yourself (cliche, I know).

 We are all more than capable of peace but this state of being can only come from within so shut out the outside world and value only what is, in reality, valuable.

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Hadiqa Kiani
The quintessential pop diva, winner of over two dozen global music awards, and the nicest judge of Pakistan Idol, Hadiqa considers herself as the voice of todays woman, literally.

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