Blush & Blushing!

How to use a blush

Desi skin looks best with warm pigmented blushes, it makes the skin look fresh. Keep it simple and just wear a blush and lip gloss as it’s the quickest way to uplift your look even on your most gloomiest days.

The best way to work blush on your face is a question which comes to mind. It all depends on your face shape – you can pick and choose a style that can help your face look more attractive but its important to know sometimes rules can be broken.


Round Faces

Its commonly known that round faces shouldn’t wear blush close to the cheeks. Round faces look better when blush is applied in an angle and the focus to remain on more contouring. However if you wish to give a rosy cheek effect place the blush on the apples of the cheek which will give a very girly fresh baby doll look. It’s still important to finish off this girly blush look with some contouring.


Oval Faces

Long faces look great with more blush on the cheeks but still do need contouring. It’s important tho not to over do the blush. Eye makeup is not the only thing that can change your entire look, every kind of blush creates a different look. Keep on trying and exploring fresh looks with blush – try pinks, warm orange and corals. NARS Orgasm and Taj Mahal are both great peachy blushes.



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Saima Bargfrede
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