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Whether you want to look like Angelina Jolie from Tomb Raider or mimic Katrina Kaif’s dance moves, you need to step it up and strengthen your body physically and also functionally.

A workout that is geared towards physical strength and speed, which also happens to be the biggest craze in Hollywood is known as the 300 Workout. The concept is simple. 5 exercises and 50 reps each. That’s it.

But don’t be fooled. Each rep needs to be completed with proper form and speed, and there is no rest period. This workout will exhaust anyone from beginner to advanced gymaholics as this will exhaust your muscles to fatigue

Pull-ups – 25 reps


Try doing as many as you can. If you get tired, then get a chair or stool to help you or use the assisted pull-up machine.

Barbell Deadlift with 50 lbs. – 50 reps


This can also be done with dumbells as well, but I prefer a barbell and do this workout straight leg.

Pushups – 50 reps


Start on your toes and if you absolutely must, then move to your knees. If you get tired, take a few seconds rest and keep going.

24-inch Box Jumps – 50 reps


Jump with feet shoulder width onto a 24-inch box and land lightly on your heels into a squat position on the box.

V-Ups – 50 reps


For this workout, try to squeeze your abs in as much as you can before releasing and repeat.

Single-Arm Clean-and-Press with 25 lbs Kettle-bell or dumbell – 50 reps


By far one of my favorite upper body excerices. This set will not disappoint. Make sure you keep your knees slightly bent at starting position and bring your self into a press and push movement as you position yourself to fully standing (but knees soft) position.

Pull-ups – 25 reps


Same as the first move.

Do all these exercises with no breaks, other than catching your breath and hydrating. Send me comments and pictures of you completing this workout with your personal best time! I want to hear from you on twitter or Facebook!

Good luck!

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