Best Holiday Gift Collections!

As the holidays have commenced, every beauty brand out there take it upon themselves to bestow amazing holiday collections onto the public. I don’t know about you, but this couldn’t be any better. They are amazing as they compact exclusives and all our favorites into one. Not to mention making them amazing presents for our mothers, sisters, girlfriends and so on.
You’ve probably already been kept up to date with articles from our very own Nilo about some holiday collections, but it must be said you have to watch out for these:

1. The NARS Vault


A tad bit pricey, but completely worth it… You get ten exclusive Audacious shades and nail varnishes. I absolutely love the colors and you can never go wrong with NARS Audacious lipsticks. You can find them exclusively at Selfridges.

2. Too Faced Beauty Wishes and Sweet Kisses Christmas Palette


A lot cheaper than no. 1, but the colors are warm and neutral. Perfect for most skin tones and make a pretty sweet gift.

3. Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette Moonflower


What better present than actually personalising it? With the selection of colors and concept of creating your own, that special someone will have something no one else will have. Absolutely love this idea!

4.MAC Cosmetics Objects of Affection Christmas Gift Set – Gold + Beige Pigments + Glitter


You know anyone in the cosmetic world is big on MAC, so it goes without saying that you can never go wrong with this selection. Again, the use of colors that suit every skin tone is a must have and will definitely not be appreciated.

5. Dior Golden Shock


Advertised as a new experience, it couldn’t be any more right than this. I love gold. All things gold especially during the party season and the collection is to die for. Definitely worth trying 5 Couleaurs- Limited Edition 2014 Holiday and not to mention Diorific illuminating pressed powder! The pigments are beautiful and Dirofic Golden Shock nail varnish… Apply it as a top coat on any color of your choice and add some sparkle to your life!

6. Charlotte Tilbury The Supermodel Video-Box Makeup Set


One brand I will catch everyone up on soon, is the infamous Charlotte Tilbury. Makeup junkies are already drooling over the products as the brand promises quality, well pigmented goodies. This makeup set is ideal for the newbie and brings you all the things you need to create a signature Charlotte Tilbury look. This, too, is exclusive to Selfridges.


What’s your top pick this holiday season? Tell us too! Sharing is part of the essence of this season 🙂

Author – Miriam Nakhla

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