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Your big day comes with even bigger stresses and never ending choices to look your best. What to wear…Hot to Look…it’s all hard work to plan. Here are a few tips to help you to short list possible looks and colors for your wedding day makeup look.

It’s important to pick the right color of your dress for your wedding day which depends on your personal choice and the kind of bride you wish to be.

1. Classic (Conventional)

Classic bride goes with classic colors like red and deep shades of maroon. Both are great colors especially for winter but one should be careful about the makeup look. Generally bronze eyes with black defined winged out eyeliner with a bold lipstick that matches your dress is the way to go. Red is a strong color and if you don’t play well with the makeup it can make a bride look older then her age and a bit harsh.

Photo from Google Images – Makeup Artist: Maram Abroo

2. Modern (Light but Trendy)

A modern bridal look would go towards softer colors like pale pink, peach, off white and gold. Great colors for a summer wedding and perfect for a valima. It’s like keeping the best for last, these colors never make you look tired. These colors are camera friendly and keep the focus on the bride. Brides always look great with pale or soft colors as it brings the focus on the bride rather then her clothes. For your makeup do not wear overly shimmery or pearly lip colors as it will give a plastic effect and make you look more tanned.


Photo from Google Images – Makeup Artist Unknown

3. Bright (Vibrant and Colorful)

Colors like orange, green, blue and yellow are unique color especially for bridal looks. Orange is a great color for tanned, pigmented or skin with grey tones – just don’t wear it all over your face! Mix your colros to create a balance. Bright colors are great but need to be applied with balance otherwise it will take away from your pretty look. Green and Blues go well with more lighter skin, unless you choose a deeper shade like forest green or mid-night blue. Keep your lip color soft and eyes strong without making them look hard. Lines make a bride lose her ‘softness’.

45abdff28fdb202523af5aafcfcd2107 Photo from Google – Makeup Artist Unknown

Keep in mind that your bridal makeup artist will try anything to make you happy, so choose the right look for yourself. Talk to your stylist and show him/her pictures of what you like and how you would like to look to give them direction. Reference pictures help you and your makeup artist to understand each other better.

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