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It’s that time of year again! Wedding season! As we prepare ourselves for weekend after weekend of marriage festivities, it’s vital to remember that 2014 brings its own sets of trends and fashions in eastern wear. As a guest, we’re expected to dress in our finest “rang barangay” outfits and show up looking our utmost best. But what kind of looks should one really have lined up for the quickly approaching wedding madness?

To start, you should have a good collection ranging from casual to formal wear. Knowing our weddings, we have a wide array of functions. Attending a maiyon or dholki is very different from attending the reception. What you show up in at a nikkah ceremony is definitely not something to be worn at Valima. This is all very dependent on the locations of these events. If this is a home event of a distant cousin, obviously it probably isn’t smart to make an entrance in your own wedding dress. For a lighter event – being a home engagement, a maioyon, dholki, etc., make sure to wear something light. Keeping the kaam to a minimum on fabrics such as cotton, lawn, or even chiffon with limited embellishments is fine.

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For something a little more semi formal, perhaps a smaller affair at a banquet hall, you definitely need to step your outfit game up a notch. This is when you can bring out the stylish “flowy” gowns that may have some statement work in and around the chest. Details on the sleeves and bottom of the guise are typical as well. Anarkali type styles are prominent this year (again) so anything long and with movement seems the way to go. You can also explore sari trends – something with vibrant prints and loud ornamentations.

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The last and I think, most fun is the formal, over the top, my brother is getting married look! When planning more formal outfits, you absolutely have more leeway with your options. You can flirt with the selection of saris, lenghas, ghararas and so on. The “kaam” on these outfits are usually on steroids. These ensembles are extremely heavy as there literally are pounds and pounds of bead work, crystals and diamonds sewed onto the fabric. Don’t forget all the critical accessories that make this look sky rocket from an eight to a ten.

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Take note – that when dressing up for these kinds of festivities, your hair, makeup, accessories all play a big role in you looking 100. Overdoing it at a distant family friend’s holud, someone you haven’t seen in over 15 years might seem a little extra. But dress in moderation to the circumstances and although we’re known to be amplified sometimes – make your look come together as though it was effortless. Remembering this will always assist you in achieving your dream look.

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