9 Foolproof Ways To Be A Smarter Beauty Shopper

Hey guys,


If you love skincare and makeup shopping as much as I do, you’ll need all the tips you can get on how to get the best buys without regrets (at least not too many!)


I mean, how often have you ended up with the wrong shade of foundation, a lipstick that bled all over your mouth or an expensive serum that just doesn’t deliver what it promises ?


If you’re with me on this, you know the struggle. Well fret not, over the years I’ve learned from other bloggers, through research and mostly, through hard personal experiences to make the most of your purchases and get the best deal for your buck.

Make a list :

Write down what you need to buy and make sure you stick to the list for the most part, buying something new or interesting is fine sometimes but don’t make a habit of splurging on frivolous things that the sales assistants cajole you into buying.

Research :

This is probably the single most important tip for a good beauty buy and most of us ladies already know it (high five if you’re one of them) . Read reviews online and do your research on the product. Read what others who have bought the product and used it, have to say about it. Go by recommendations and bloggers who are unbiased and honest in their opinions. Following this step can help you buy a trusted product that has worked for so many others, so there’s a pretty good chance it’ll work for you as well.

Compare :

Look for similar products that other brands have to offer. How does this product stand out ? If you’re getting the same formulation for a lesser price or from a more trusted brand or one that works better for your skin, there’s no reason to go ahead with the other product.

Check the ingredients :

Most claims that some products have, prove worthless when you check the ingredient list of products. My friend recently got a vitamin C infused serum with no trace of an actual vitamin C derivative or component in it and only realised later that she had been foolish not to check the ingredient list first. You don’t have to be an ace at organic chemistry to understand a few basic ingredients that you should look for when you’re buying skincare and makeup. Let me know if you guys would like me to write a separate post on core ingredients that you must look for in particular products before considering a purchase.

Try it out :

Don’t be shy to ask for a sample size of the product especially if it’s an investment product that tends to be on the pricier side. Samples can accommodate 3-5 uses of the product and are a fair-enough way to test it out before you spend on it.

For other products like foundation, lipstick or eye makeup, do try them on your skin and let it sit for a while. If you’re in a mall or shopping centre, wear it for a couple of hours as you go around the mall and see how the product wears on your skin. Check out what it looks like in natural light and in photographs before you take the plunge. Trust me, there is no shame in trying out a product. I’ve been too shy and thought it was “cheap” to try out products earlier, and ended up with a foundation once that was three shades too light for my skin! Eeeek 🙁 🙁 🙁

Don’t buy too many similar shades :

Ever been on a spree of buying only one color family of products ie. nudes / reds or pinks ? I understand the feeling. Heck, I’ve been there. Many experiments later, I really wish I hadn’t hoarded up on so many red lipsticks . I wish I had tried out more colors and bought different shades to try out new looks. The truth is, all of us have a signature look that we are comfortable with, and love. But makeup is ALL ABOUT EXPERIMENTING and having fun, so get out of your comfort zone and try out new stuff , you’ll not regret it.

Keep an eye out for Sales, Offers and Promos :

Most brands have sales through the year, many bloggers offer coupon code discounts and promos as well. Stay tuned to social media and newsletters to stay abreast of offers and deals so you can get the best deals. Have you signed up for Desi Beauty’s Newsletter yet ? We post the most useful updates!

Make a monthly beauty budget :

So a lot of us don’t really do this. I know beauty buys are something we women deserve after all the efforts we put into others lives. Shopping can be therapeutic, I understand. There’s no wrong in making a monthly budget of how much you should be spending so that you don’t shed tears at your bank balance later 🙂 I’ve been there !

Making an account of all your purchases can help you understand your needs and manage your shopping and your finances better.


So that’s about it for now ladies. I hope this post was helpful. What hacks do you guys use while shopping ? Did I miss out on any of the important ones ? Comment below and let me know. I’d love to hear your thoughts. 🙂


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