A Day In The Life Of Mehreen Syed

Fans are always curious to know what their favorite celebs do all day and how they balance their life with work. Likewise, all my fans have been asking me how I spend my day. So here’s a sneak peek into my life and how I strike a balance between personal and work life.

4:45 am:

Mornings for me are an exceptionally special time when I feel closest to Allah. I set an alarm for 4.30 am as I have to wake up for my prayers. It makes me feel as if I am the only one He is listening to, and all my prayers get answered. After saying my prayers I go back to sleep.

7:00 am:

At around 7 am, I naturally wake up and take a cup of boiled water with a half tablespoon of honey and half a lemon. This cleanses my skin and serves best for weight loss. Meanwhile, my daughter Aman wakes up for her milk. I make milk for her and feed her while her glittering eyes shine even brighter as she sees me.

After she finishes her milk I give her a refreshing bath. When her bath is done, my little princess becomes sleepy again so I quietly put her back to her cot. Once she has slept I go to the washroom, brush my teeth and lightly cleanse my face with L’Oréal Paris face wash and then submerge my face into a sink filled with ice and cucumber. It instantly tightens my skin, making me feel and look instantly awake. Afterwards I dry my face with a towel and apply moisturizer on my face and hands.

8: 30 am:

It’s now time for my work out.Exercise is an integral part of my life as I feel my day is incomplete without it. I change my clothes and don my gym suit. I start with TRX followed by yoga and mix these with other exercises. Yoga is must for a stress free life, it relaxes my muscles and makes me feel at ease. It takes me about 35 to 40 minutes for the total workout, but this time varies depending upon which area of my body I am focusing on. It might sound strange but I prefer not to listen to music during my work out sessions as I enjoy it more without music.

9: 00 am:

By this time I am done with my workout and  I rest for a while till Aman is up after taking her nap. I take her with me downstairs to the kitchen and make my favorite green juice. After tantalizing my taste buds I go upstairs and spend some quality time with my husband and Aman. During this time when father and daughter bond with each other, I check my emails and schedule for the day.

10:00 am:

At around 10 am we go down for breakfast. I make sure that I never skip my breakfast because it’s the most important meal of the day. I prefer having a boiled egg with cheese toast along with a cup of tea. Sometimes I like to have cereals with fresh juice depending upon my mood. My husband is more of a coffee lover so I make coffee for him every day after breakfast. This hour is well spent at the breakfast table as we both have a little chit chat and exchange our schedules for the day.

10:30 am:

I see off my Husband as he leaves for office and then go upstairs to take a shower. I use my L’Oréal Shampoo, conditioner and shower gel because it helps repair my hair and I also love the fragrance of it. I wash my hair on alternate days because they tend to get dry. After my shower I get ready with the idea of striking a balance between fashion and comfort. Usually I go for a pair of jeans with a top and pair it with my loafers. Sometimes, I go ethnic  and wear an elegant lawn suit which I pair with my flats or sandals. It makes me look stylish as well as comfortable.

11:30 am:

I am now ready to leave for play hour. I take Aman with me to the play group where we both spend an hour together. During this time we engage in different activities that help make a mother-daughter bond even stronger. It’s the most precious time of my day as I observe a lot of energy in her because she is excited and happy, as well as active during this time.

12:30 pm:

After spending some quality time together we come back home. Aman is now tired and it’s time for her nap. I make milk for her and put her to sleep. After this I go downstairs into the kitchen and make lunch for my husband. Lunch is usually grilled fish with veggies which I prepare myself and send to his office. I also take my lunch with me to the office as I prefer home-cooked healthy food to junk.

2:00 pm:

I reach work at 2 pm. I run an NGO named  ICARE and also a fashion academy where we give make –up and grooming classes to marginalized girls and women. However, we also give courses to anybody else who is interested and wants to learn make-up. I have a lot of meetings as we keep working over new projects to empower and assist the oppressed women. During this time I have my lunch which is mostly a fresh fruit salad with beans or grilled fish. This is light and makes me feel fresh and healthy. After lunch I say my prayers in the afternoon. I have set reminders so that I do not miss any of my prayers.

I carry a water bottle with me all day. I drink a lot of water as it is very important for my healthy life. Along with this I also like to munch some nuts to keep myself energetic. So I stay busy with all of this till 5 in the evening.

5:00 pm:

At this time I take my green tea and check my social media accounts. I am an active user of social media as I like to keep my fans updated on my social network.
During the days when I have my fashion shows I get some free time only later in the day as we start early. I wake up at my usual time and eat a healthy breakfast. Our make-up call is at 11 so I carry my water, chocolates and multi vitamins with me to the show. I prefer having salads or something light for lunch. I take my multivitamins to feel healthy and energized during the day. I do not have much liquid in take during my shows but I like to drink my home made fresh juice after lunch. I am very particular about my skin and hair so I make sure that I carry my personal products with me to the show. I do not like to be loaded with make up so I use minimum and quality products on my face. Blow drying and hair styling everyday causes damage to your hair, so I use a heat protector before getting my hairstyle done. I remain inside during all this time and sometimes take a quick power nap around 4 so that I am fresh and active on the ramp. The show usually lasts till 9 or 10 and that’s the time I come back home. I cleanse my face properly before going to sleep so that all the make-up gets washed away.
However, on regular days I come home by 5:30 and offer my Asar prayers at home.

6:00 pm:

My husband comes back home at around 6 and our family time starts. We spend quality time together for one and a half hour. During this time I try to stay in touch with my family so I call my sister and mother to inquire about their health and everything. After this I offer my Maghrib prayer and then go to the kitchen.

7:00 pm:

I usually prepare dinner myself because my husband loves my cooking.

We have different menus every day, sometimes it is fish and sometimes we prefer beef, chicken or meat with mixed vegetables. Salads and juices are an integral part of our dining table, our meals are incomplete without these two.

8:00 pm:

Dinner is now ready. My parents in law along with my husband and Aman accompany me to dinner. It’s complete family time at the dinner table as we discuss our routine home affairs as well as plan different trips for vacations.

9:00 pm:

After dinner, we go to our respective bedrooms. I put Aman to sleep and then say my Isha prayers. After this I watch a movie or a season for a while before I sleep. Meanwhile I also keep checking my emails and check updates on my social media.

11:00 pm:

I now go to the washroom and do some light cleansing on my face. I make sure no dirt is left on my face because it is very important that your skin remains clean before you go to bed. I usually have my manicures and pedicures twice a week whenever I get time. For facials, I get them done occasionally because I cleanse my skin everyday so it does not require a lot of facial products. I like to stay natural and prefer natural products.

I usually mix yoghurt, baby powder, brown sugar and a half a lemon to make a paste and apply it on my face for 10 minutes. It serves as the best moisturizer and leaves my face smooth and natural.

11: 40 pm:

By this time I get very sleepy, I take a look at Aman and drink a glass of water and then I go to sleep.

However Sundays are totally different.

We usually wake up a little late and begin our day with fresh juice in the morning. After that my husband and I, along with Aman enjoy our swimming time in the pool at home.  It’s a great family time as Aman becomes extremely excited in water.

This time usually lasts for an hour. It’s natural that you get hungry after swimming so we have a heavy brunch after this. Later we sit with the family as Aman spends time with her grandparents.
Meanwhile, I drink green tea after brunch and check my emails for the day. I give time to myself on Sunday by indulging in face masks which I prepare myself.

It has flour, honey, egg white and half a lemon which makes my skin glow and freshens it naturally.

Sometimes I also get my head massage done on Sundays by applying yoghurt or garlic oil on my hair. After all this I have a shower and get ready to spend time with my husband and family.

At tea time I prepare some cookies for him which we enjoy with our tea at around 5 o’clock. Our dinners on Sundays are mostly spent with family and friends. Sometimes they come over and sometimes we are invited by them. So, Sundays are usually busy and pre-occupied by lavish dinners with family and friends. Since we eat a lot on Sunday night so I prefer to have green tea before going to bed so that I have a comfortable good sleep at night.


So that’s about it on how I spend a regular day and weekends. Family, work and commitments make up most of my priorities. How do you spend your weekends ? Comment below! 🙂

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Mehreen Syed
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