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Personal trainer

As a certified personal trainer, I have come across many different types of training. The one thing I have learned is that no two people are the same. Regardless of how similar two people may look, everyone has their own weaknesses and strengths. SO it is important to find a personal trainer who can recognize both and also understand your core needs in your fitness goals.

Have you been working out on your own to learn and change your lifestyle? Have you hit a plateau and are no longer loosing weight? Are you confused with the weight machines in the gym and not sure how to use them? It might be time for you to consider a Personal Trainer or at least a knowledgeable training partner.


It can be very daunting to seek and have a personal trainer have you perform exercises that are out of your comfort zone. And if you are not seeing results, then even more so frustrating.

Here I have listed the top things to consider when looking for a Personal Trainer.

1. Commitment

Are you truly committed to changing your lifestyle? If you cancel your appointments with your trainer on a constant basis, then you are not serious about your training. In order to see results, you need to commit to seeing a trainer at least 3 times a week.

2. Trust

Like any relationship, whether at work or at home, you need to be able to trust your partner. Trust comes from mutual respect and respecting someones knowledge. Trust is also achieved on how two people interact with each other. If you meet a personal trainer who is condescending or disrespectful, then just walk away. Just because you are not knowledgeable, does not mean a trainer has the right to speak down to you. A trainers role is to establish trust with you, showing you that they are knowledgeable and understand your goals. Likewise, it is your goal to learn as much as you can from a trainer from their experience. If you are not learning, then you need to find someone else.


3. Measurement

A good personal trainer will start you on a program and measure your results every 4-6 weeks. A typical first session includes full body measurements, a fitness test followed by a recommended program. No program is perfect. Every program requires modification, which is the reason measurements need to be taken every 4-6 weeks. This includes measuring the strength levels that have changed, weight, body measurements and body fat. If nothing has changed, then obviously there is a problem.

4. Encouragement

Does your trainer motivate you and encourage you to push harder? Does your trainer ensure you have proper form through every single rep? These two things are critical for gaining strength and ensuring you don’t hurt yourself. If your trainer just tells you to do an exercise, and watches you complete it counting down the reps, then this is a big problem. Everyone (including me) loose form during workouts when tired or exhausted. It is your trainers role to continue to push you regardless of how tired you are and also ensure you don’t loose proper form by guiding you.


5. Education

Many trainers are not certified and start training clients from their own personal success in the gym. However, as I mentioned, no two people are a like. What works for one person, may or may not work for another. So certification is key when seeking a professional to help you. In addition to certification, a trainers personal fitness lifestyle is important too. A personal trainer should be keeping up with different training modalities, latest studies and research on an on-going basis.

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