The Victoria’s Secret Angel Workout!

Did you guys watch the 2014 Victoria’s Secret fashion show and feel a tinge of envy at those perfect bodies too?

Just because we aren’t all runway models strutting our best assets on stage, does not mean we can’t look like one!!
This workout is a high intensity workout meant to boost your metabolic burn and tone those lean muscles. If you are currently an avid workout-addict, you can add this into your routine to mix things up. If you are a beginner, then get ready to get your heart pumping.

1) The Inchworm (or Walkout)


Start by standing with feet hip width apart, bend down so your hands are on the floor by your feet and slowly walk out with your hands only, until you are in a plank position. Complete 1 pushup, and then walk back towards your feet. That was 1 Rep. Do 20 Reps. Ouch!

2) Skater Squat

Stand with your feet apart at the hip’s width , squat down and then step (jump) over to the side (as wide as you can). Return to start, and step over to opposite side.

3) Box Jump


Grab a bench that is not higher than your knees. Step away as comfortable as possible (approx. 1 foot) and jump onto the bench, landing in a squat position.

4) Pushup and Side Plank

Position yourself in a pushup position an complete one pushup (from toes), when complete, swivel to the side (right) and raise your right hand pointing to the side. Hold for 30 seconds. Come back to Pushup. Complete another pushup and swivel to left side and hold for 30 seconds. This is 1 rep. Complete 10 Reps.

5) Mountain Climbers

Position yourself in a plank/pushup position. Bring one knee to your chest then switch sides as if you are running in the spot (in plank position). 30 Seconds.


Are you ready to look like an angel? Get ready to work for it!

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Gule Sheikh
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