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Pantene hair treatment

Struggling with hair that’s not as perfect as you’d like it to be? The new, premium Pantene Clinicare ranges offer the answers you need, whether you suffer from thinning, frizzy, or severely damaged hair. Inspired by Japanese Clinical Science, Pantene’s scientists have developed advanced formulas to tackle hair care problems, with benefits that were previously deemed impossible to achieve – such as those delivered by the new-to-world, award-winning Daily Hair Thickening Treatment, Pantene Clinicare’s new miracle product!

The newly-launched Pantene Clinicare ranges use advanced technology for visible hair transformation, and have received endorsements from leading international scientists such as Dr. Kurata, President of Japan Society of Clinical Hair Restoration.


Pantene Clinicare invited the women of the Middle East through to be one of the lucky 300 to try the new Daily Hair Thickening Treatment before anyone else. Here’s what they had to say:

“I couldn’t believe how thick my hair looked after trying it!” – Heba Salah, United Arab Emirates

“A little hair miracle! The Daily Hair Thickening Treatment made my hair look instantly better. Thank you Pantene!” – Amany Mahmoud, Saudi Arabia

Fundamental insights into the biology of hair led to Pantene’s scientists discovering and inventing advanced technologies, which have been infused into the new Pantene Clinicare formulas. With an understanding of hair right down to the molecular level as a knowledge foundation, Pantene’s Japanese Hair Science Institute developed new product technologies that address the very reasons why women suffer from the top hair issues of frizz, severe damage and thinning. Drawing inspiration from life sciences to understand the issues and to create advanced solutions, the technologies employ bio-mimicry to deliver visible, exceptional hair transformation results in three new Pantene Clinicare collections.

Pantene Clinicare Volume and Full Revitalise and Daily Hair Thickening Treatment!

Designed to thicken existing hair, as if you have up to 6,500 more strands

Fine hair can appear flat and lifeless. The Volume and Full Revitalize collection naturally volumizes from the roots of hair, leaving hair looking revitalized.


With the award-winning Daily Hair Thickening Treatment as the regimen’s star, women with thinning hair can banish their hair worries once and for all – with instant results after just one application. Recipient of the North American Hair Research Society’s Seal of Recognition, the technology in the Daily Hair Thickening Treatment has been inspired by breakthroughs in bio-mimicry – a strategy that entails mimicking biological miracles found in nature to craft human innovations. The scientists discovered that when it comes to thickening hair, it’s not only density that matters – it’s hair’s diameter.

From there, experts at Pantene’s Japanese Hair Science Institute developed an advanced formula that thickens the diameter of each hair fibre, as if you have 6,500 more hair strands! Pantene Clinicare Daily Hair Thickening Treatment spearheads a new standard in hair care solutions – a standard that delivers on its promise with instantly visible results.

The Pantene Clinicare Volume and Full Revitalize regimen includes Shampoo, Conditioner and Daily Hair Thickening Treatment.

Pantene Clinicare Hair Time Renewal
Designed to reverse years of damage in just 1 month!
Hair damage accumulates over time, weakening the hair cuticle and making it more susceptible to future damage. The Hair Time Renewal collection has an advanced formula that is designed to repair severe signs of damage such as split ends, brittleness and dullness. Its Triple Blend Conditioning Technology creates a shielding barrier around each hair strand, offering protection from root to tip against future surface damage.
The Pantene Clinicare Hair Time Renewal regimen includes Shampoo, Conditioner and One-Wash Intensive Treatment Ampoules.


Pantene Clinicare Frizz Defence
Designed to transform frizzy hair into silky, smooth hair
Hair frizz is caused when dry, damaged hair is exposed to humidity. The Frizz Defense collection has an advanced formula that penetrates deep into the hair cuticle and helps block extra moisture. The result is hair that is transformed from wayward waves into silky, smooth hair.

The Pantene Clinicare Frizz Defence regimen includes Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Mask and Concentrate Leave-On Treatment.

Dr. Jeni Thomas, Pantene Scientific Communications Manager at Procter & Gamble said: “The visible signs of frizz, severe damage and thinning hair cause distress for sufferers across the region. However, with Pantene Clinicare’s three new ranges, solution is now here thanks to their advanced Japanese technology. Taking our understanding of hair down to the molecular level inspired the creation of our three premium new ranges, including the new-to-world technology in the Daily Hair Thickening Treatment – our miracle solution that thickens, fortifies and adds flexibility to existing hair fibres, for the beautiful hair the women of the Middle East desire.”

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