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Nothing can make you feel more complete and beautifully glamorous than a beautiful piece of jewellery. As a little girl I went through my mother’s maroon gold boxes trying on everything claiming them before my sister could.

As they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but even though diamonds last forever.. a little maintenance is crucial. You have to give some TLC and love to all your precious little gems.


Working within the jewellery business I can say I have an eye for metals, hence when making jewellery for clients I am to create pieces that will LAST. Therefore I’m always passing on tips and tricks to girls who are scared of discolouring/tarnishing.

Below are my top tips on how to make your jewellery last longer!

– Keep jewellery in the boxes/packaging it was provided
– Air tight containers not just for food but a great way to keep your jewellery from absorbing any humidity and chemicals from reaching your precious jewels.
– Wrap your jewellery in a piece of tissue and layer and seal them carefully in a box
– Avoid tangles….I love my sister but I got to admit…when she borrows SOME jewels of mine I always find them tangled in her room. Be cautious when attempting to deal with tangliation- take your time and untangle, when you rush you’re more likely to cause some damage. Just try your best to avoid it (This also includes wearing dangling necklaces to a theme park- I saw this a lot this summer)


Make it last… clever little tips!

1) Just how makeup artists take care of their brushes, your jewels are your investment too. Make sure you start with the basics and invest in a cotton polishing cloth- They are non toxic, inexpensive and can be used over and over again. Use your index finger and thumb to gently massage around the metal and gem stones.

2) Remove rings and bangles whilst cooking as they are susceptible to damage and dirt. So take them off before you do any cleaning and cooking (yes your wedding ring and atta do not mix)
3) When investing in a piece of jewellery make sure you’re paying for what you’re buying. Many look at the design and don’t question the metal used. Alloy will discolour and won’t have the same clarity as silver jewellery. Remember a piece of jewellery is for life… ONLY depending on how much you want to invest.
4) Store your jewellery in a cool dry place- do not store jewellery in the bathroom
5) Place a piece of chalk in your jewellery box. This will help absorb moisture which will slow down the process of tarnishing. My mum often asks me what I do with the chalk *confusion*
6) Clean jewellery gently after a few times wearing it, using a mild unfragranced soap and old soft tooth brush. Rinse thoroughly and blot dry using a soft clean cloth. When jewellery is completely dry, store in an air tight container.
7) Visit your jeweller- Take your gold, silver, platinum, kundan jewellery to the jeweller at least once a year, many desi jewellers will polish it and check the settings of your gemstones- A wise investment!


Take care of your jewellery- it will last a life time and can be passed down for future generations.

Have you got any tips on how you store your jewels? Leave a comment below…

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Mahmuda Syed
British born Mahmuda Syed, interest in designing jewelry originated from her love of art and history. Syed then transformed her passion of jewelry making by co-founding 'Innaya Couture' which intends to transform the culture and historical value of south Asian empires and civilization into unique timeless designs.

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