The Best Shoes To Work Out In !

Best shoes for workout

If you are working out, support for your feet is essential. The right shoe can prevent many injuries such as hip, knees, and ankle problems. Trust me, the last thing you will need in your healthy lifestyle is to be held BACK because of an injury. So prevention is key!!

The main thing to consider when buying shoes is the activity you plan to perform! If you are a runner, then you need to get your foot checked for your arch and see if you over pronate or under pronate. This is the measure of the angle of your knees when you are walking/running. In addition, your arch will dictate the type of shoe and sole lining you need.
If you are a hiker, then you need to find the most durable and sturdy shoes to get you through rough hills.
Today we will go over the most versatile shoe – the cross training shoe!!

Cross training is for general activity such as weight lifting, walking around (not running), skipping, biking.

1: Nike Free


This shoe is amazing. In fact, Nike has come out with a lot of amazing cross training shoes over the last 2 years. This shoe is very light weight and absorb great shock. It is flexible with your foot!

2: Ryka Transition


This shoe is also light weight and breathable. It provides great stability as it has a compression foam midsole.

3: Ecco Biom Lite


This shoe will activate your leg and foot muscles, giving you strength the more you wear these! And they’re pretty fashionable too.

4: Avia Avi-Finesse


This is another light weight shoe that has great support and good for dance, aerobic classes or even weight lifting.

5: Puma BioWeb Elite


This shoe is great for heavier impact workouts, as it will provide good stability and cushioning and support. The air ventilation will make it easy for high intensity workouts where you are sweating a lot!

Make sure you wear the right kind of footwear while working out and avoid injury 🙂

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