Winter Is Coming … Cover Up!

Winter is coming

With the weather getting colder, I am constantly looking for inventive ways to cover up for this climate. I’m very excited to be putting this post together because have I gathered some of the greatest looks of the season to share with my fellow fashionistas! Let’s go!

The most recent of trends shows capes, wraps and draping as a statement piece that is bound to make a serious amount of appearances.


Cashmere is obviously a material that is extremely relevant this season so expect to see a ton of it on all these structured coverings.


Poncho style tops are not only convenient as they keep you cosy but they also allow you to dress up on bloated days where you might not be up for wearing a fitted and exposing shirt.


Soft colours are not only applicable to this movement as such jackets come in a variety of patterns and textures.


I’ve previously discussed the importance of robe coats but I need to mention it one more time to emphasize how luxurious they make one appear. It is a staple piece that is complete necessity.


All in all – why not step out of the box of typical jackets and coats and lean towards a more fashion forward guise that allows you to be warm yet trendy in one go? Happy covering!

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Saira Hayat Khan
Saira is one of the top followed fashion bloggers on instagram for her street style like no other! Full time entrepreneur and a permanent fashionista who runs her own events management company focused on, again, fashion events! A graduate of Political science from University of Toronto, Saira's fashion balance include the East and the West.

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