Lesser Known Hobbies Of Well Known Bollywood Celebs!

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Our fascination with Bollywood doesn’t end with their portrayal of various characters on-screen. Our innate curiosity moves beyond the screen to know more about these ‘stars’ who play larger than life roles and pull off superhuman stunts to make our cinematic experience more sensational.

Yet an actor’s life isn’t limited to the roles they play or the movies they make. Sure, the industry is a lucrative one at least – bringing in not just loads of moolah but also adulation from fans for those who make it, but some actors seek a little more. Whether it is to indulge in their favorite hobby or pursue another skill, let’s see who makes the list.


Karan Johar (Fashion Designing)


Though not an actor per se, Karan’s antics on his talk show and his presence as the most popular director in Bollywood make him as intriguing as any other Bollywood hero. Karan’s movies may hold a surrealistic grandeur and deluded romanticism that make it far drawn from reality, yet no one can deny the cult status his films have and the iconic characters he has scripted.

Off screen, Karan also hosts his own chat show and is a remarkably talented designer. He has been designing clothes for men right since his early days where he designed for Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan. More recently, he has collaborated with the brand Vero Moda to launch a new line for women called Marquee. This is the first time his designs are available to the general non-filmi crowd.

His fashion line can be viewed on the Vero Moda website.

salman khan making paintingat starnews office

Salman Khan (painting)


Salman Khan is quite the mystery hero. One of the top actors in Bollywood has a special mention in the media for being quite the private person when he’s not playing a worshipped hero. Apart from having his own charity brand (being human), Salman loves to paint and has been dabbling in the art for many years now.

Today Being Human is not just an art gallery where his paintings are sold, but also a nonprofit foundation where the proceeds go to charity.

Salman’s paintings and more about Being Human can be viewed on


Priyanka Chopra (singing)


Love her or hate her, you can’t ignore her. And truly enough, you just can’t! Piggy Chops is everywhere either on movie posters or on the Billboard charts for her Exotic album.

While Priyanka has been a talented singer for long, she recently decided to pursue her interests a little more and formally recorded her singing album which was in the news for its ‘exotic’ video and her gorgeous looks, even if her singing did garner some criticism.

Priyanka’s latest songs can be heard on her Soundcloud account and viewed on Youtube.


Ranbir Kapoor ( photography)


Quite the poster boy himself, Bollywood’s chocolate boy has a newfound love – photography. Sources say he always had a passion for the lens but delved more into this interest while filming for Barfi.

For a recent women’s welfare campaign, Ranbir shot several photographs of India’s most iconic beauties including Waheeda Rehman, Madhuri Dixit and Kajol.

While the photographs haven’t been revealed yet, we can only hope that Ranbir the photographer is as good as Ranbir the actor.


Deepika Padukone (badminton)


No list on Bollywood can be complete without everyone’s favorite diva; Deepika Padukone.

When she’s not stealing hearts for her sassy characters onscreen, Deepika Padukone enjoys a good game of badminton. Being the daughter of badminton ace Prakash Padukone, the sport comes naturally to her.

Though hectic schedules don’t let Deepika play as much as she used to, love for the sport will always be in her blood.

Bonus point – Deepika is actually a great cook and loves typical South Indian food and tomato rasam.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this post to see more lesser known hobbies of your favorite stars!


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