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The wonderful season of summer always brings forth some amazing trends and some not so flashy ones. But with 2014, came something absolutely original and innovative. It’s called pelvage. For those of you who have never heard of the term – don’t fret. Pelvage is basically cleavage of the pelvic area. Within recent Hollywood trends alone, we’ve seen the slit slide up the bare leg all the way to the pelvis.

The cut outs are rising but at the same time maintaining a certain class to the look. Clearly, this isn’t for everyone. You have to have an extremely confident body image to pull off this trend. Although extremely racy, this style is definitely appealing as its exposing a piece of the body that hasn’t been on display before.


When playing with this, it’s important to remember a few rules when rocking the pelv. As tough as this may be to imagine, keep it modest ladies! Keep in mind that this movement is usually seen with longer gowns and dresses. When revealing that much skin, make sure to cover up other parts. Bearing too much at once is obviously a risky move and can lead to tacky results. Keep the emphasis on the hip bone by casing what you can.

Also keep in mind that because this is an area that is perilous, make sure you’ve secured your outfit with trustworthy fashion tape to ensure that the skirt does not move.

This may not be for everyone as stated earlier but for those chicitas who have the poise to pull this off, make sure you follow some of the tips and tricks from above to ensure your look flows smoothly. Happy side boobing 2014!

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