Summer Trend Alert – Sheer Paneling

HOT TREND ALERT! I’d like to welcome with open arms a trend that I am absolutely obsessed with! Sheer Paneling! If you haven’t seen it around – what rock are you living under? These racy pieces are so sexy, so sleek, and such a huge statement!


These net mesh cut-outs expose rather opaque areas of the body but at the same time adding something soft to the entire look. It allows you to flirt with the feeling of bare skin while at the same time not being totally uncovered.


Not everyone can pull of this very brave development as it’s clearly risky but with a tad bit of confidence and subtlety, you too can paint the town red in these sheer coverings.

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Saira Hayat Khan
Saira is one of the top followed fashion bloggers on instagram for her street style like no other! Full time entrepreneur and a permanent fashionista who runs her own events management company focused on, again, fashion events! A graduate of Political science from University of Toronto, Saira's fashion balance include the East and the West.

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