The Inside Scoop on Chanel’s Supermarket Fashion Show

I doubt that there is a single soul out there who hasn’t been exposed to the spectacle that was Chanel’s most recent show. If you have not viewed Chanel’s Fall Winter 2014/2015 collection as of yet, you are missing out. YouTube it now!

Karl Lagerfeld has to be the best showman in the fashion industry for the creativity and innovation that was involved in this tremendously entertaining event.

The Inside Scoop on Chanel 2

Taking place in Paris’ Grand Palais, the set up was exactly a scene out of your local upscale supermarket!

Shelves filled with Chanel branded produce, wine, milk, and purses! Anything you could expect from your average store, of course! To keep it even more interesting, signs throughout the store read “50% mark-up” as opposed to displaying discounts. Putting on a demonstration of tweed, tracksuits, runners and jackets, the collection appeared to be very colourful, fun and stimulating.

The Inside Scoop on Chanel1

As per usual, in typical Chanel fashion, this assortment was diverse, entailing pieces that could appeal to anyone and everyone. Lagerfeld accentuated waist lines, exposing slim torsos but adding volume in the shoulder with rounded upper halves.

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The Inside Scoop on Chanel 9

Bold leggings combined with exotic boots and glistening fabrics truly made it the perfect blend of high fashion art yet wearable as well.

The Inside Scoop on Chanel 11

The Inside Scoop on Chanel 10

The Inside Scoop on Chanel 12

To conclude, Karl Lagerfeld made an announcement that his “valued customers” were free to help themselves to the produce and sweets. Big mistake Karl. Guests rioted into the aisles, fighting for doormats and branded chainsaws. Security was eventually called to prevent “shoplifters” and managed to control the chaos. Once again, Chanel has forfeited a parade of luxury and theatre. One that will definitely be talked about for years to come!

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