The Art of the Warm Weather Trench

Warm weather clothes

Let’s talk trench. Trench coats, I mean. Anyone who makes those “essential classics you need in your wardrobe” will always include a trench coat amongst other basics, like a white collared shirt or black trousers. A trench coat comes under the labels “timeless” and “versatile”, but what many people don’t realize, as they browse spring and fall fashion guides resplendent with long jackets galore, is that this classic coat can be adapted throughout the year. And yes, that includes the summer season. Looking around at the various style makers around the globe, from Los Angeles to Amsterdam, I’ve compiled some basic style tips on how to use a trench coat to complete the perfect summer look.


Hem-Hem: Abbreviated hemlines is the go-to phrase of this particular girl, who often pairs her cotton maxi dresses with oversize cropped trench-style jackets for the bohemian look or a printed thigh-length dress with a long light canvas trench coat for the grunge look.


Go-Lightly Girl: Trench coats come in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes,this girl believes that for now that when wearing an extra layer, it’s always smart to stick to the palecolours and lightweights. With legions of women going about inflowychiffon kimonos, the Go-Lightly Girl makes a smart contrast in her basic-cut but lightweight long trench coat.


Denim Deelight: Whether it’s the skinny kind or styled like your boyfriend’s, jeans transcend all when it comes bringing that je ne sais qoui to any outfit. Two of the best looks seen this season contrast nicely: edgy and vintage. Style a set of pale boyfriend jeans with a pair of high heeled rocker boots or your pointy-as-you-can-get stilettos to bring an edge to an already-flattering look. Or, if you’re going for that “Oh, this? I just threw it together” flair, roll up your skinnies and add some comfy pointed heels or vintage-look leather brogues, and voila.


Dark Horse Diva: While black is always the new black, intense military colors like navy blue, olive green, and deep grey allow any fashionista to bring some memories of fall back into summer. Pairing her jacket with a striped top, floppy felt hat or white trousers (or all!), the Dark Horse Diva always gives a new edge to the nautical look.

Roll up your sleeves and tie that belt in a neat knot behind you! Clean, chic lines are galore in any outfit made timeless by what is truly That Coat of All Seasons

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