How To Increase Brow Hair


Thin, over plucked eyebrows were never really in fashion or flattered anyone. With bold, strong brows being all the rage courtesy of Cara Delevigne, women have been looking for ways to get a similar look. Here are some tips that will help you increase your brow hair, and get you on your way to have ‘Cara-brows’ naturally! Pencils and eye brows powders can only do so much, but to have naturally perfectly arched brows that need no filling everyday, ahh what a thought!


1. Get a brow razor!

Yes I know, it sounds scary and intimidating, especially for those who have fingers that just can’t keep still, but trust me, a brow saver will make it very hard for you to accidentally take out too much of your eye brow hair that is almost always the case if you’re plucking them. Brow razors are super economical and the chances of you messing up are quite low compared to plucking!

Young woman pushes with fingers on closed eyes. Isolated over white.

2. Exfoliate & Massage!

We all know the benefits of exfoliating our face and bodies in a routine, but exfoliating your eye brow area? Haven’t heard much about that, have you? Basically what happens when you choose to exfoliate the eye brow area daily is that the massaging action stimulates hair growth, meaning better brows! An easy way to do this would be to use a dry toothbrush and run it back and forth across your eye brows a couple of times. Incorporating this into your nightly skin care routine would mean better brows, eventually! Another tip that will help in the stimulation of brow hair is a regular massage of the brow area. The science behind it is very simple, just like a head massage promotes hair growth on your head, a brow massage does the same for your eye brows 🙂


3. Castor Oil!

This magical oil is my go to hair oil when my strands start falling at an alarming rate. With the high number of nutrients and fatty oils in it, castor oil is a miracle oil when it comes to hair growth. Applying this onto your brows with the help of a clean mascara wand nightly, and wiping off the excess with a cotton pad will do wonders, trust me!


4. A Healthy Diet!

No matter what you potions and remedies you put on your brows, hoping they grow, it will no happen as long as you have a well rounded, healthy diet! Everyone must be tired of hearing it, but beauty really does come from within, and the same applies when it comes to increasing your brow hair!

Let me leave you, with this image, that truly shows the importance of brows and how they frame your face!


Good luck to you and your brows!


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