Accessory Trends For Spring 2015

New season – new looks – new trends – new styles.

With Spring come obvious innovations – florals, colours, pastels and so on. But with a new year comes patterns that may sometimes be new but really – its usually recycled fashion feats. With that said – lets talk accessories. Accessories of Spring 2015. There are so many current directions that the wonderful world of accessories is headed in. Let’s discuss a few.

To start – remember the trend where you’d show up to high school rocking one elongated earring and a stud in the ear. Well that’s back ladies.

The single earring – different earring trend is back! The appeal in the style has to be its irregularity – whether it be in color, length or shape.


While on the top of salvaged designs, the beloved choker has made its return with a bang. Not far are the days of braided chokers from the 90s. Interestingly enough, the choker has upgraded to a statement piece with the usage of heavy metals and jewels.


Medieval times – An era when women wore stunning ,yet very feminine pieces to ornament themselves in the finest. 2015 carries similar pearls, gems and colorful stones whether it be on rings, necklaces or earrings.


With 2014, we saw a lot of shortened statement necklaces that completed any look because they were just that visually appealing. This season has something else in store to adorn our necks with ladies. PENDANTS! Long stringed chains and statement pendants!


So whatever you decide when it comes to how you play up your outfit, make sure you understand that styles will come and go. Stay true to your own unique look and maybe throw in a choker or an estranged set of earrings. Happy accessorizing and have a colorful spring !


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Saira Hayat Khan
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