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With summer comes sun. My daily routine has changed drastically considering the exposure and it wasn’t until I bumped into a girlfriend recently who hasn’t seen me in a month, that pointed out I was glowing. I kid you not, no one is bigger on skincare than me. Growing up, my skin has always been an issue and exposing it to the sun only worsens it. However, that being said it was a massive compliment because of my paranoia.

So, back to my point of summer and skin exposure. Let’s face it, the sun is great because of its contribution to a tan but all at a price. Your skin can become dehydrated, damaged and lose its ability to repair itself.
So what am I doing differently? Literally less sun exposure and that’s not to say I don’t enjoy basking in outdoor settings. It goes without saying that SPF could be the most obvious of answers. Well it is partly that, but I’m using more skincare and less makeup and it’s plenty for the summer.

So, ladies brace yourselves. I’m pegging it down to this must have essentials:

1) Dr. Salts 100% Dead Sea Bath Salts –


Okay, typically us women enjoy a good bath but what if you knew your bath soak could not only help relax those tired muscles after a long day, but rejuvenate your skin? These bath salts are guaranteed to make your skin feel ever so smooth!

2) St. Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower –


With age I’ve become a little paranoid of tanning in the sun simply for the obvious but in London sitting out and soaking up the sun’s rays leaves you with what I like to refer to as a ‘dirty’ tan. What I love is long gone the days of additional time of sitting there and scrubbing self tan and waiting for it to dry (more time I need on my hands)! Use this in the shower and watch a natural tan come through.

3) Lancôme Belle de Teint –


This bronzing powder is guaranteed to give you that glowing feel. Build it up or use it once over the color is to die for! Available from 01 to 06 for all skin shades there is no excuse to add this to your beauty collection!

4) Maybelline Master Sculpt Contouring Palette –


Let’s face it, contouring is coming out of fashion but the best runway makeup artists still use this powerful makeup tool and it’s definitely worth sculpting those beautiful cheek bones and jaw lines this summer. Try out the best drugstore one I’ve come across in a long time.

5) Urban Decay Illuminator in Aura –


My obsession! When I received this I couldn’t believe it. Celebrities worldwide swear by it and, boy, so they should. The shimmer is perfect for that additional glow. Build it up for the evenings. By far my favourite highlighter!

Author – Miriam Nakhla

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