Unleash Your Lash!

Lashes add a lift to any eye look, half single lashes are a quick way to lift up your look without doing a lot of makeup. Choosing the RIGHT lashes are the key to making sure they look their best. They cannot be longer then your own eye length and shouldn’t be too thick.

Practice makes perfect so give them the time they need to learn how to apply them perfectly. After trial and error you will understand the perfect angle your eyes need for your lash to sit perfectly.

What you will need

  • fake lashes
  • tweezers
  • fine cuticle orange stick or a tooth pick
  • lash glue (duo adhesive glue is the best for heavy lashes or you can use a glue for skin available at pro makeup stores)



  1. Take one lash out of the box, peel it off gently from one corner to not damage them or break any hair.
  2. Hold it from it’s hair to keep the tread or band of lash free for applying the glue (thread is the area where all the lashes are attached in a row and if you look closely there is a tread)
  3. Some lashes come with a glue you can try but for best results use Duo Adhesive Glue which is well known to ensure your lashes stay in place all night. There are two formulas one that dries to a black and one that dries to a clear.
  4. Start by placing the lashe from the inner corner of your eye and gently start placing the lash from inward to outward as if it is too close to your inner corner it may hurt your eye so start where your lashes naturally start. Then slowly press it from the inner corner and take it toward the outside corner of the eyes.
  5. Keep your lash just a bit above from your real lashes when you reach the end as it will give the eyes a nice angle, but just a little otherwise you won’t be able to blend them with your real lashes.
  6. Once it is applied make sure to hold both ends of the lashes down with your tweezers or stick to set them in place firmly.
  7. Once you lashes are on, do apply a few coats of mascara to blend them or attach them with your real lashes.



Do’s & Don’ts

Do be care full when taking lashes out of box

Don’t put small touch glue on your lash it needs a nice, even line of lash glue on the end to keep it in place

Do wait for a 5 second after applying glue to ur lash as if it needs time to let it dry a bit so it sticks to ur skin fast

Do adjust your lashes before the glue dries to make sure they are comfortable even when you blink.

Do put on mascara. Mascara is important as it lets your real lashes and your false lashes come together

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