Top Bollywood Beauty Secrets REVEALED!

How do they do it?

How do our gorgeous on screen divas manage to look so great all the time ? What’s the secret to that glowing skin, lush locks and fit body? Read on to find out.

Desis are naturally blessed with great skin and hair. Though we believe that everyone woman is beautiful in her own way, there’s always a tip or two you can take from your favorite diva’s beauty regime.

Diana Penty :

Though relatively new to the industry, this girl took everyone by storm with her debut in Cocktail as the long-haired shy girl-next-door.This supermodel is well-known for her beautiful locks and cherubic features.  She loves listening to soulful music to help her relax between hectic schedules and uses baby wipes to clean her makeup . She swears by Maybelline lip balm and Colossal Kajal.

What’s in her bag – She never steps out without her favorite kohl and a lip balm. Sunscreen is a must!

Aishwariya Rai:

Though genes have a huge part to play in how Ash looks, her grace and sense of tradition always make her look gorgeous – whether it’s a saree or a plunging neckline dress.  Ash believes beauty is a combination of healthy diet and religious skincare. She avoids carbs and fried foods and loves fruits, veggies and greens. She says no amount of external products will give you the glow that a good diet does.  When it comes to skincare, she loves making a mixture of besan, haldi and milk and applying it as a pack. She also uses cucumbers and yogurt in her face mask.

What’s in her bag – A bottle of water and her daily vitamins!

Deepika Padukone :

A healthy amount of exercise is great for a well toned figure, Deepika believes. She uses fresh coconut oil to keep her hair healthy and always uses a moisturizer with SPF in it to prevent sun damage.  She snacks on whole grain biscuits and always keeps a bottle of water handy in her car.  Deepika loves to take off all her makeup once she’s done with the sets.

What’s in her bag – Her favorite shades, her wallet and her house keys.

Alia Bhatt –

This spunky new entrant is now a star in her own right. Alia lost 16 kgs to join the industry; she works out twice a day and regulates gym and yoga frequently.  Her regular diet consists of lots of proteins. She usually snacks on lean chicken and vegetables and eats egg whites, dahi and salad everyday to keep up her figure.  She loves drinking a lot of water and juice to retain her glow, and snacks on quinoa and fruits.

What’s in her bag – Anti water retention pills, Prada perfume, hairbrush and maybelline lip balm.

Katrina Kaif –

She looks stunning even without makeup! In fact, Katrina is one of the few actresses who you can still recognize when she’s not made up.

Here’s her skincare routine:

● Shu Uemera Skin Cleansing oil
● Mene & Moy face wash
● La Prairie night cream
She also uses a lot of Mineral Mud masks on her face to take off grime and excess oil.  For her hair, she uses Kiehl’s Leave-in conditioner and Kerastase products as they’re good for the hair.

Kareena Kapoor –

She’s the lady who started it all. She’s so comfortable in her skin that she goes for the “no makeup look” often and still looks like the diva she is.  While most other actresses pile on layers of cakey foundation to cover their skin, Kareena leaves her face bare with just a hint of Kajal and some clear gloss. She makes sure to drink at least six glasses of boiled water a day and avoid facials.  Kareena uses Lancome face washes and Clarins cleansers to keep her skin nourished and healthy. She has turned vegan and follows a diet rich in yogurt and greens. She does not cut down on carbs but prefers a high protein diet for dinner.

What’s in her bag – MAC’s Cherish lipstick, MAC blush in Improper Copper and Kohl from Chanel.

Now that you have an idea of some desi celeb favorites, start building your own regime on these lines. Most importantly, what’s common to all these celebs is lots of water and a healthy diet. Good luck!

Author – Rachel Vera

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