The Best Contouring Powders for Desis

It’s 2014 and today’s world is obsessed with images.  Whether it’s a Facebook profile picture, Instagram selfie or #OOTD, it’s all about the perfect picture. And to get the perfect picture makeup ventures into contouring. Contouring has taken the world by storm.   Being Desi our skin tones are slightly different then all the celebrities we see in Hollywood.  So read ahead for some tips to help you choose the perfect contour.


How to Choose the Right Contour for Desi Skin

It’s important for Desi’s to look for warm tones, grey based contouring products can look muddy on the face.  Grey pigments can make our warm Desi skin look ashy and dirty.  Always always always choose matte contours, you’ll never get the right contoured look with shimmer in your contour product.  If you have trouble finding a contour as a general rule think roughly two shades darker then your natural skin tone. With so many contouring products out there here’s a list of some of the best contouring products for DESI skin tone.


Contouring Powders

MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Powders

Mac Mineralized Skin finish powders are awesome for contouring because they are natural.  They sit incredibly close to the skin and melt in almost like they are apart of your skin.  The texture, shades and color range are soft so never over the top.  This would work for lighter skin desis (NC20-NC35) Choose colors: dark or deep dark




Two Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

It’s a bronzer, but Too Faced Chocolate Soleil is a beauuuutiful bronzer that works amazing as a contour for desi skin tone.  It’s highly pigmented, so start off with it softly so you don’t overdo it.  Recommend for NC25-NC42 skin tones.  If your on the lighter side apply it sparingly, if your deeper in tone don’t be afraid to use the product generously.



Sleek Contour in #002 Medium

Yes it’s drugstore and the price isn’t the only thing good about it.  Sleek’s contouring kit in #002 medium is the perfect tone of warm contour for Desi skin tone.  Recommened for NC30-NC42.  Though it comes off looking very orange in the pan, it is actually quite natural on the skin, and is easy to apply and blend onto the skin

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Refills

This list would not be complete without Anastasia Beverly Hills of course.  Not all her contouring colors are suited for South Asians the colors which are good for us are: Fawn (nose area), Copper brown, Clay or Havana (face) and Carob (if your a deeper skintone NC42+)).  What’s nice about the contour kit is you can choose your own colors to create your customized palette!

NARS Casino

Nars Casino is a very popular contour color.  Its warm tone works well for desi skin-tones and the texture blends in well to the skin.  The color is a classic contour color that works well on olive complexions.  You’ll see a lot of celebrity makeup artists with this one in their kit.  Works well for NC30-Nc42 skin tones.





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