Summer Sorbet and Pastel Blues

On a hot summer what can be more beautiful than shades of blue from the sea to the sky. When it comes to eye shades there are so many ways to wear sky blue on the eyes. Yes, this is one of my favorite looks! Pastel blue eyes with a coral lip color always looks classic. The look has so many expressions and works from very white to dusky skin tones.


I like to choose matte eyeshadows for summer days look but if you are afraid of putting colours on your eyes you can always use a blue liner instead. Try to keep the shade of blue light; lighter the blue, better is the looks for summer. You can also add a fire line or black liner over it and pair it with coral or pale pink lips.


Less shimmer is better for summer to avoid a greasy look. Finish off your look with lots of water proof mascara. A cool look to beat the summer heat!

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Saima Bargfrede
A Global Hair and Makeup Artist, Saima Bargfrede has mastered her skills from beauty shoots to movies from the US, Africa, Pakistan, India, and is currently making Europe her very own canvas to beautify. A former TV Hostess and Model, her decades of worldwide training and experience makes her our Beauty Guru in every way!

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