Nars Audacious Review and Swatches On Dark Skin!

The new range of NARS Audacious lipsticks is pretty much flawless, and is even better because most of the colours are extremely wearable for darker-skinned women.

The formula is among the best I’ve tried in mid to high end lipsticks. They’re long lasting, comfortable and opaque with a wide selection of colours ranging from nudes to vivid pinks reds and purples.

For those who don’t have the ability to see these amazing lipsticks in person, I’ve swatched all the colors I think will be the most flattering on dark skin.


As WOC (women of color) I feel like we’re always recommended really bright pinks and oranges and purples because our dark skin “can handle it.” These lipsticks are wonderful because they don’t compete with our skin colour or sit on top of the lips in an unflattering manner but instead blend nicely with our skin.

Do any of these pique yourinterest?Let us know!

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Alyssa Moses
An avid shopper, Economics grad, founder of the Mosesaly Project, Alyssa is a beauty lover and an expert in her genre: women of color. She can be counted on for beauty shopping with honest recos and is a regular at women support organizations like Amnesty International.

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