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I spotted this CC collection at Dubai airport last month and have been super excited since.  Color correction is so essential in our makeup application and I’m so happy MAC came out with this collection (which is now apart of their permanent collection).  Mac Prep+Prime CC color Correct is a collection of color correcting creams and powders that help to perfect your skin tone.


 What makes these color correcting products different to what’s out there already?  Is that these are so much more sheer and natural so they color correct but don’t cover up the skin.  


What Are They?

Prep+Prime CC Color Correcting SPF 30

This was SO needed!  Its a creamy, tinted primer that evens out the skin tone.  The texture is very smooth and almost instantly absorbs into the skin.  Upon application according to the color instantly corrects.  I loved it.  Apply it before your foundation on top of your moisturizer.  It even has SPF 30, which is great so no need to apply sunscreen! Comes in 4 Colors.

Mac colour correction CC cream


Prep+Prime CC Color Correcting Pressed Powder and Loose Powder

The collection also includes the Prep+Prime CC Color Correcting powders. The powders apply transparently, smoothing away the appearance of lines and imperfections and are available in loose and a go-anywhere compact. I preferred the pressed to the loose as its much easier to use but both are great.




Which Color Do I Get?

I know the first question will come to mind is: which color do I get?  Here’s a breakdown:


Adjust (Peach)

Peach is a great color for light to olive skin tones – it is used to take away blue, brown. It helps to warm up the skintone to take away the grey or ashy look.  Immediately it just brightens up the complexion.


Recharge (Orange)

Orange is used similarly to Peach but for deeper skin tones.  Chose Orange for tanned to dark skin.  It helps to avoid that ashy grey look to the skin and brightens up the complexion.


Neutralize (Yellow)

Neutralize is a must have.  It’s a great alternative to the much talked about Ben Nye Banana Powder but reworked and easier to use.  It’s sheer so it always looks natural.  The yellow works great to literally erase pink tones from the skin.


Illuminate (Violet)

Illuminate is a good one for light to medium skin tones.  It brightens up the complexion when you feel it looks dull. 

How Do I Use Them?

Primer: Use it on top of your moisturizer before foundation and concealer.  It will help to either neutralize or brighten up the complexion depending on the color your using.  It self-sets and almost absorbs into the skin so it almost adjusts the color without the feeling that you are wearing an extra product on your face.  And I just love that it has SPF 30.

Powders:  Use them on top of your foundation and concealer as your last step.  Use it under the eye or specific areas with a fluffy brush or all over with a large powder brush as needed.  Its so lightweight and helps to erase the unwanted color instead of covering it up.  I find the pressed powder easier to use then the loose powder but the loose powder is also nice its even more sheer.

Recommended Favorites

For desi skin tones I would suggest the Adjust or Recharge to help neutralize and illuminate the skin 🙂

 Mac Cosmetics sent a sample for our consideration


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