L’Oreal Paris New Pure Reds Collection!

Red Lips Redefined: The season’s hot new trend gets a modern makeover

L’Oréal Paris’s new Pure Reds Collection is total made-to-measure matte gorgeousness

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If you just can’t resist a red lipstick, then hear this: the season’s biggest beauty news is the huge comeback of the scarlet lip. You’ll see it trending on fashion runways, magazine shoots, red carpet events and on celebrity lips everywhere!
A pop of bold, bright red on the mouth is a great way to update a beauty look instantly. L’Oréal Paris’s all-new, celebrity-favorite Collection Exclusive Pure Reds range is the season’s key beauty accessory to getting this
most-wanted look.


The Pure Reds collection, which was designed with the brand’s celebrities in mind, offers a range of hues in lightweight textures with hydrating effects and rich pigments. Choose from Doutzen’s ‘Pure Fire’, Laetitia’s ‘Pure Garnet’, Blake’s ‘Pure Ruby’, Julianne’s ‘Pure Vermeil’, Freida’s ‘Pure Amaranthe’, Liya’s ‘Pure Scarlato’, J-Lo’s ‘Pure Rouge’ or Eva’s ‘Pure Brick’ for romantic to dramatic colours that go from classic to contemporary in luscious, lively shades of berry, brick, ruby, cherry, garnet and more.

L’Oréal Paris’s international make-up artist Karim Rahman says: “Eight stunning shades in this supremely wearable collection ensure a perfect match for every single woman, and that’s just one of the things I love about it! The shades really are tailor-made to suit any skin tone, and to not just suit, but also to look sublime and flatter with their intense soft velvet coverage and modern matte effect. The matte look is so very now, and it gives the red lip a truly updated texture.”
Karim Rahman adds: “For a glamorous look with a long-lasting result, apply the lipstick with your finger, then clean the contours with a cotton bud. Finally, blend with a lip pencil and draw the contour following your lip line.” The result is a gorgeous, soft matte mouth that’s fresh and fabulous for the season.

Red Lipstick

– The Doutzen Pure Fire: Model Doutzen Kroes’ shade is a fresh, youthful red with a touch of flamboyance to brighten a porcelain complexion.
– The Julianne Pure Vermeil: Actress Julianne Moore’s shade has a delicate prettiness ideal for pale complexions.
– The Freida Pure Amaranthe: A touch of brightness and elegance makes this shade perfect for those with warmer tones, like actress Freida Pinto.
– The Laetitia Pure Garnet: This rich and vivid stand-out scarlet makes model Laetitia Casta’s hue ideal for cool complexions.
– The Blake Pure Ruby: Actress Blake Lively’s gorgeous, jewel-tone red is ravishing and romantic on a matte skin base.
– The Liya Pure Scarlato: Model Liya Kebede’s classic, beautiful red lends a special glow to darker complexions.
– The J-Lo Pure Rouge: An iconic and attention-getting shade with traditional tones, singer Jennifer Lopez’s hue flatters olive complexions.
– The Eva Pure Brick: Actress Eva Longoria’s pretty, soft shade lends a beautiful stain to a tanned complexion.


Which one of these reds is on your must-have list this season ?

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