Beauty Utensils 101: Keeping them Clean

Good brushes are an investment and taking proper care of them will give you many happy years. 

What you will need

  • Gentle Baby Shampoo
  • A cup
  • Towel
  • Water


  1. Wet brushes with luke warm water and gently work in a small drop of diluted baby shampoo into the bristles with your fingertips.  Try to keep the bristles together and don’t smash or spread them  out as it will ruin the shape of your brush and break the hair.
  2. Rinse with luke warm water keeping the bristles together
  3. Reshape the bristles into place and let them air dry over night by laying them over an edge so that they can dry evenly.  Placing them flat on a towel will make one side flat and ruin the shape of your brush.


  • Never let the water seep past the silver portion of your brush, as it will loosen the glue and make your brush fall apart
  • Over cleaning your brushes can be just as harmful as not washing them, so take it easy.
  • A lot of shampoos contain chemicals.   Baby shampoo is gentle and gets the job done
  • If the bristles become splayed don’t continue to use it as it will affect the application of your makeup
  • For a quick clean: Pour a little brush cleaner on a towel and gently rub your brush until all the makeup is removed.  (Remember brush cleaners only clean the top layer of your brush for a deep clean use baby shampoo)

How Often Should you wash your brushes?

If you use your brushes on a daily basis deep cleaning them once week is enough.  If you use your brushes less often then you can wash them accordingly.

Cleaning Other Makeup Tools

  • Throw away any “brown” sponges that are beginning to crumble
  • Wipe tweezers/scissors with rubbing alcohol to disinfect and to remove any oil buildup
  • Wash eyelash curlers with soap and water
  • Replace anything that is “shedding”
  • Sharpen eye or lip pencils to remove bacteria, and to be safer, dip in rubbing alcohol.



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