Gucci Cosmetics Launches Collection – The Ultimate Accesory For The Gucci Woman

Defined by her powerful femininity, the iconic Gucci woman represents the glamor and beauty of the Fashion House. Under the creative direction of Frida Giannini, the Gucci woman has evolved with a modern edge, into an icon who is strong, daring and seductive. Embracing every element of her look to the finest detail, Giannini has created a world of fashion, accessories and scent. Completing her aesthetic is Giannini’s long-held vision of a Gucci Cosmetics collection. An essential component of her look, make up underscores her many facets, ruled by her confidence and sensuality.

Gucci_Face_Lustrous Glow Foundation_010_RS


With Cosmetics, Giannini has given the Gucci woman the ultimate accessory. The Cosmetics collection is a symphony of quintessential Gucci heritage and sophisticated technology. Exclusive products deliver the ideal technical performance. An iconic Gucci palette of colors is packaged with the renowned signature motifs of the House. The essential debut lineup includes Gucci Eye, Gucci Face, Gucci Lip, Gucci Nail together with luxurious brushes and special preparation products for skin. The launch of Gucci Cosmetics also heralds an exclusive role for Giannini as the only woman at the helm of a fashion brand overseeing a make up collection.

“For me, beauty and fashion are always connected. One doesn’t exist without the other. Make up is a key element of the Gucci runway show — it helps communicate the essence of the Gucci woman. Eyes, skin, lips — they’re like accessories, all working together to create an unmistakable look,” said Frida Giannini.
Harnessing Gucci’s nearly 100 years of history, Giannini invigorates the Fashion House’s codes by infusing them with modernity into new designs. The same rich history, which powers the high-octane glamour of Giannini’s runway collections, is the inspiration for Gucci Cosmetics.

Gucci_Lips_Audacious Color-Intense Lipstick_140_Iconic Red-RS

At the beginning of the Gucci Cosmetics four-year journey, Giannini delved into the Gucci archives to study materials and colors, together with images of women who have worn Gucci over the years. She focused on shades that regularly appeared in fabrics and leathers of the ready to wear and accessory collections. Called the Iconic Six – gold, black, red, ottanio, bronze and copper – are the colors that anchor the collection’s palette. They are joined with a kaleidoscope of contemporary hues lifted directly from Gucci’s fabric boards. Honing the right tonality was crucial.



For packaging, Giannini took inspiration from vintage beauty product and Gucci forms, applied the exquisite craftsmanship that is intrinsically linked to Gucci. Design elements created by the House’s artisans are brandished on every product. The bold Guccissima pattern is debossed into packaging as well as powders and the shiny interlocking G logo is featured on the top of each product. The iconic Gucci web stripe is reimagined in lustrous black and gold on compacts and product collars. These heritage patterns are balanced by modern design, compacts feature magnetic closures, and each product has a sleek, sharp silhouette. The lipstick transmits the essence of the Gucci Cosmetics packaging design: its exterior minimalist and black, but when opened reveals a long gold GG-patterned barrel evoking old Hollywood glamour. Enriched with these signature design elements, the cosmetics become covetable Gucci accessories.

Gucci_face_Golden Glow Bronzer_010_Caribbean Ochre_RS


Giannini’s vision for Gucci Cosmetics was flawlessly co-engineered by renowned make up artist, Pat McGrath. McGrath’s innate understanding of the Gucci look is curated from over a decade directing the House runway show make up. Appointed as the Cosmetics artistic director, McGrath ensured products met her precise professional standards, with textures and finishes crafted by experts using rich, state of the art formulas, striking pigments and professional tools.

“Frida’s vision was clear, she looked for a collection designed to belong in a makeup artist’s kit but also to be a woman’s trusted beauty product. We spent a long time perfecting a precise balance of technology and finishes, which are unique and unmistakably Gucci. They are so professional that they can be used in backstage or when a woman effortlessly applies them at home,” said Pat McGrath.


Embodying the distinct style of a modern iconic Gucci woman is Charlotte Casiraghi, the face of Gucci Cosmetics. Miss Casiraghi represents a modern Gucci woman as a producer, writer and accomplished equestrian. Aside from her striking beauty, she is sophisticated, successful and iconic. A natural choice for her role as the face of the collection.

Gucci_Eye_Opulent Volume Mascara_010_Iconic Black_RS


An extraordinary and sensual glimpse of a woman through stolen moments, the Gucci Cosmetics advertising campaign is an intimate view into the world of a modern Gucci woman’s beauty and intrigue. The mesmerizing images of Charlotte Casiraghi were captured by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott for the Gucci Cosmetics print campaign, and Fabien Baron for the video digital campaign.


To materialize the essence of the modern Gucci woman, Frida was inspired by six beauty looks conceived backstage at Gucci’s runway shows. McGrath then took each look and reintepreted them for the launch of Gucci Cosmetics. Inspirational and diverse, these faces show the many facets of the Gucci woman through the transformative power of make up. Realized from this duo of visionary minds, these six looks are the touchstone faces for the launch of Gucci Cosmetics.

Gucci_Lip_Vibrant Demi-Glaze Lip Lacquer_160_Iconic Red_RS


Gucci_Eye_Power Liquid Liner_010_Iconic Black_RS


Gucci_nail_Bold High-Gloss Lacquer_110_Rush_RS


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