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Lips speak volumes characterizing the beauty of every face. Full-lipped “Beauty Goddesses” like Angelina Jolie, Sophia Loren, Lindsey Wixson and Scarlet Johansson are idolized world over and their famous kissers have had a big say in immortalizing them as heartthrob queens. To scientifically highlight the fact that lips play an important role in etching the attraction factor of a female face, researchers at the Manchester University employed eye-tracking software and reported that in the initial ten seconds after meeting a lady for the first time, an average chap spends more than half that time looking at her mouth.

The power that a beautiful set of lips possess is undeniable, but the fact that a well constructed pout can change a gal’s allure from prolix to a vixen poses a pertinent query in every female brain: Can we improve on what God gave us and what time takes away from us? – The answer is of course yes, but to practically achieve this perfection we need to understand the framework of a beautiful lip.

Anatomy Of A Beautiful Lip

Artists in search of perfection and beauty have discovered over time that facial beauty lies hidden in mathematical proportions called the golden ratios, a change of few millimeters can transform ordinary into ravishingly captivating pretty easily. Now lets talk lips and golden ratios one-on-one, to fit the mold of balanced and beautiful the ratio of the height of the upper lip to that of the lower one should be ideally 1.0:1.618. A slightly exaggerated lower lip a certain je ne sais quoi allure to the lips.


Mona Lisa Smile

Slightly up tilted corners of mouth have served as a symbol of youth and beauty be it Renaissance or modern day. With time and aging, the fat at the corner of the lips disappears and the depressor angularis oris (muscle that runs from the corner of the lips to the jawbone) tightens, resulting in the downward projection of lips. This process also results in the formation of Marionette lines.
Modern Medicine To The Rescue: Dermal fillers can replace the volume loss while Botox®, in the depressor angularis oris can relax the downward pull of the muscle, restoring the harmony of the face back from sad and aging to mysteriously youthful.

Tracing The Lip Lines

Vermilion border is the lip border that defines the shape of the lips. The vermilion border flattens with age leading to thin and sad lips.


Solution: To bring back youthfulness to an aging pucker dermal fillers can be injected to re-create this roll. Drawing a good lip definition with a lip pencil along with some lip plumpers can also do the job temporarily.

Cupid’s Bow

This area named after the God Of love adds certain come-hither magnetism to the face, but unfortunately in the middle age the upper lip starts to loose collagen and elastin and this perky arched bow straightens out with age.
Solution: Carefully placed dermal filler can restore the allure of the Cupid’s bow giving lips their sexy back.

Columns Of Beauty

Philtral columns are the two vertical lines that project upward from the Cupid’s bow adding character and definition to the lips. As we age they tend to flatten or disappear.
Solution: Dermal filler placed very superficially in the columns to restore and lift upper lip definition accentuates the depressed area above the Cupid’s bow adding puerile character to the lips.



Read My Smooth Lips

Soft, line-free lips telegraph youth. A dab of lip moisturizing balm or olive oil can treat moisture loss, and a hydrating lipstick can camouflage uneven textures.
Solution: A strategic infusion of lips with hyaluronic acid based fillers can plump up the lips naturally reestablishing their vernal smoothness.

Dumbbells Of Beauty:

An attractive bottom lip has a subtle symmetric fullness on both sides. This balance can be lost with age as well as when lips are plumped without respecting lower lip anatomy.
Solution: Plump up the sides with a slight pressure in the middle to create naturally bifurcated lower lip and avoid injecting in the center of the lower lip.

Lip Ptosis

The lip line in this condition creates a sad or unhappily appearance on first impressions.
Solution: Inject the lip corners with hyaluronic acid to give a lifting effect. Re-define the vermillion borders around the corners of mouth and feather into the supporting areas beyond the upper and lower lip lines.

Lip Cheek Junction

Due to mid-cheek fat loss and skin thinning as a result of aging, nasolabial folds fall downwards and forward leading to deepening of laugh lines and downturned angles of mouth.
Solution: Adding some volume to mid cheek fat pocket and Restow’s space and mild feathering of hyaluronic acid along the Naso-labial folds can restore the face to its youthful glory.



My fair ladies you can achieve a lot with help of a concealer, lip lining pencil and the right shade of moisturizing lipstick. Utilizing the power of proper contouring, an artist can sprinkle temporary youth with her/his brush strokes.


There are multiple products available in the market that can plump up an ordinary lip to a pillowy delight for few hours without any injections.


But, long lasting transformative magic can only be delivered through a syringe full of hyaluronic acid -the magical youth infuser. To get natural and tasteful result you need to find a doctor who is an artist at her/his job not just any needle jabber. In right hands lips can become masterpieces of natural beauty and in brute hands trout pouts (shocking all senses of beauty).


Key message when thinking lip enhancement is: less is more.
Be it makeup or medical help you can bring in the real beauty to your lips by understanding and respecting the anatomy of naturally gifted lips.

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