Finding Your Foundation!

Choosing the wrong shade is the biggest beauty blunder a woman can make! Wearing a colour too light will end up looking grey and washed out, while wearing a colour too dark will make you look un-natural. After all this, when you find the right shade you still need to decide between liquid, cream, mousse, mineralized and powder foundation and how to apply it correctly. Take the stress out of perfecting your flawless skin and read some expert advice ahead.




Before deciding on a formula, you need to know your skin type.

  • Dry skin – look for formulas that will not be matte. Look for words like “hydrating” on the bottle or for a dewy/creamy finish.
  • Combination skin – you need to decide if you are more oily or dry. 2-in-1 powder foundations are great for oily skin. Mineralized can work on all skin types.
  • Oily skin – look for formulas that will help to control shine. Look for words like “oil-free” or “mattifying” on the bottle.

You also need to know what level of coverage you want. Decide between a light, medium or full coverage depending on your natural skin. If you have good skin and would like to even out your complexion go for a light – medium coverage. If you need more coverage then go for a full coverage foundation, which will be heavier but will cover all imperfections.


Choosing the right shade of foundation is simple:

  1. Head to your favourite makeup counter with just moisturizer on your face, no foundation!
  2. Choose a few colours that are similar to your natural skin tone (you can ask the sales person for suggestions). For girls with yellow-based skin, select a few colours that seem close to your natural skin tone. Go for a yellow-based foundations, which look most natural on all skin tones. However, if you’re very fair try a pink under-toned foundation instead. How can you tell which is pink which is yellow – well pink foundations tend to be more beige and yellow based foundations are brighter.
  3. Apply a bit of the foundation on your jaw line or cheeks and blend upwards and downwards. If the color is correct it will easily blend into the skin without much effort. Look at yourself in different lighting and see how it feels after 20 minutes to make sure it’s comfortable. Once you are sure: make the purchase!


  • Brushes:Use a brush, sponge or your fingers to apply foundation. Benefits of using a brush is that professional foundation brushes are synthetic hair so they won’t absorb any product. It just picks it up and evenly distributes it on the face.
  • Sponge:It is always quick and easy but may not give you an even application.
  • Fingers:Using your fingers is also quick, easy and FREE! Your fingers actually warm up the product so it kind of melts into the skin. Using fingers is not suggested for those of you who have acne prone skin.

The most important advice I can give is when choosing the right foundation is that don’t rush; be an informed consumer and KNOW what you are purchasing. Do some research and ask your friends – once you find a type of foundation you love, I’m sure you’ll be a loyal customer for years.

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Nilo Haq
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