Dolce&Gabbana’s New Classic Cream Lipstick


Italian women of the Fifties with their elegance and irony. The unmistakable sound of their high heels on the cobblestone streets of the city, rhythmically accompanying their sensuous sashaying walk. And, above all, the smile, always accentuated by a touch of lipstick: the quintessence of make-up and the secret to such an impeccable and typically Italian look.

The lips are the symbol of the Dolce&Gabbana woman. The elegant and flirty gesture of applying lipstick epitomises the very concept of femininity.


“A woman’s lips are the key to her seductiveness. For us, lipstick is poetry and beauty. It can make every woman memorable.”Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.



Classic Cream Lipstick

The heart of the Dolce&Gabbana Make Up collection, Classic Cream Lipstick is an indispensable lipstick that’s creamy and velvety, with outstanding coverage and payoff. Its softness and subtle fragrance of face powder are inspired by the wax-based lipsticks of the Fifties and Sixties. Nearly 50% of its ultra-modern formula is composed of emollients which make it extremely comfortable to wear and keep the lips moisturised. So easy to apply, it glides on the lips and flawlessly outlines their contour.

The concentration and intensity of the pigments are enriched by the classic shades: the colour is rich, even and long-lasting.

“After applying the first coat of lipstick, blot the lips with a tissue to distribute and set the colour. Apply a second coat. It’s an old technique that women have known for years, and it’s a way to obtain a more intense colour and to accentuate the lips,”suggests Pat McGrath, Creative Consultant, Dolce&Gabbana Make Up.


New colours

The colours of Classic Cream Lipstick are not only inspired by the nuances of Sicilian roses, but also by the velvety touch of their petals. This spring, 28 new colours will be added to create a palette with 46 shades. It is an exceptional variety as unique as every Dolce&Gabbana woman. The colours are divided into six categories – reds, oranges, purples, corals, pinks, and nudes – to adapt to each face, look and emotion. The division according to colour categories makes it simpler to choose your perfect shade.

From the most classic colours to ultra-modern shades and from everyday nudes to striking hues, each Classic Cream Lipstick is inspired by a particular rose. The delicateMandorlais inspired by the Alchemist Rose, the boldStarby the Black Rose, and the dazzlingSublimeby the Calizia Rose.

Eleven of the new colours will exclusively be sold in the Dolce&Gabbana Make Up counters at the brand’s flagship stores starting in March 2014.

the lipstick_Classic Cream Lipstick_ BELLISSIMA_515_packshot_low res

the lipstick_Classic Cream Lipstick_ BLACK MAGIC_630_packshot_low res

the lipstick_Classic Cream Lipstick_ BONBON_210_packshot_low res

the lipstick_Classic Cream Lipstick_ CHIC_230_packshot_low res

the lipstick_Classic Cream Lipstick_ DARING_310_packshot_low res

the lipstick_Classic Cream Lipstick_ DELIGHT_115_packshot_low res

the lipstick_Classic Cream Lipstick_ DREAMY_220_packshot_low res

the lipstick_Classic Cream Lipstick_ GORGEOUS_ 240_packshot_low res

the lipstick_Classic Cream Lipstick_ GUILTY_250_packshot_low res

the lipstick_Classic Cream Lipstick_ HONEY_130_packshot_low res

the lipstick_Classic Cream Lipstick_ IMMACULATE_110_packshot_low res

the lipstick_Classic Cream Lipstick_ LUSCIOUS_435_packshot_low res

the lipstick_Classic Cream Lipstick_ PRINCESS_225_packshot_low res

the lipstick_Classic Cream Lipstick_ RUBY_640_packshot_low res

the lipstick_Classic Cream Lipstick_ SASSY_525_packshot_low res

the lipstick_Classic Cream Lipstick_ SHOCKING_255_packshot_low res

the lipstick_Classic Cream Lipstick_ STAR_645_packshot_low res

the lipstick_Classic Cream Lipstick_ SUCCULENT_425_packshot_low res

the lipstick_Classic Cream Lipstick_ TEASE_ 215_packshot_low res

the lipstick_Classic Cream Lipstick_ TENDER_510_packshot_low res

the lipstick_Classic Cream Lipstick_ TRAVIATA_635_packshot_low res

the lipstick_Classic Cream Lipstick_BALLERINA_245_packshot_low res



The celebrity testimonial: Monica Bellucci

A personal friend for years and the model for Dolce&Gabbana from the start, Monica flawlessly embodies the Italian woman in every way. Her allure is natural and her lips are unforgettable.

Magnetic. Magnificent. Simply Monica.




The advertising campaign

This campaign, which launches the new Classic Cream Lipstick colours, marks Domenico Dolce’s debut as the photographer for the Make Up collection, with the creative direction of Stefano Gabbana.


Two different shots represent the two faces of Italian seduction.

In the first, Monica is wearing Classic Cream Lipstick in brightDevilred that matches the lace dress she is wearing.

In the second, the actress appears softer, dressed in neutral shades and wearingPetallipstick.

“Working with Monica is like spending an evening with friends. We immediately understand each other. She takes each idea I suggest and turns it into something real and true.”Domenico Dolce.

“When we created Classic Cream Lipstick, we always had in mind the image of timeless Italian beauty. Monica represents it perfectly.”Stefano Gabbana.


The Packaging

Each lipstick comes in the classic shiny gold tube with the Dolce&Gabbana logo on the side. Listen carefully to its “click”: that subtle noise was specially designed to evoke the sound made by lipstick tubes in the Fifties.


New Shades:

110 Immaculate pale nude

115 Delight warm nude

130 Honey rich nude

210 Bonbon lilac pink

215 Tease soft pink

220 Dreamy vivid pink

225 Princess happy pink

230 Chic intense pink

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